Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Recap 2011!

It came, it saw, it cross dressed?  This years Oscars certainly brought many surprises. From the King's Speech pulling off all the big awards to Christians Bale's overwhelmingly humble acceptance speech for best supporting actor in The Fighter.  The 83rd annual Oscars also came with the youngest host to ever host the event, James Franco and Anne Hathaway.  So how did the youngsters do??

Well maybe I was too hopped up on coffee and dessert at this years Pittsburgh Film Office Oscar event but I thought the pair did a good job.  What can normally be a snooze fest I thought the duo made bearable with singing and corny yet hilarious jokes and great video clips like the auto-tuned movies.  However, the critics would beg to differ commenting,

"could go down as one of the worst Oscar telecasts in history." 

and also adding,

"the pair "played it safe" but nevertheless delivered what was expected of them.
And maybe the critics are right and this is the backlash of trying to make the Oscars "hip" with ratings slipping seven percent.

The only thing I was disappointed in was that Social Network didn't clean up the big awards as I was hoping it would.  I feel as though it got snubbed because it wasn't enough of an "oscar like" film.  I am thrilled however that there winners like Melissa Leo, Colin Firth and Trent Reznor for The Social Network score.  All in all I thought it was a fun night.  What did you guys think??

Check out the full list of winners and some pics from the Film Office event after the jump!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Em and Dre "I Need a Doctor" Video

On their own they are great however, when the dynamic duo of Dr. Dre and Eminem come together there is no stopping them!  This time they team up for Dre's latest single "I Need a Doctor" feat. the vocals of Skylar Grey.  The video takes us on a trip down memory as we go through Dre's career (it's unreal how long he has been in the game) and has some sweet effects and really shows the relationship that Em and Dre have.  What do you guys think??

More importantly, do you like this collaboration more than one of my personal favorites,"Forgot about Dre"??

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Anonymous adds Westboro Baptist Church to Its List of Opponents

So I don't even know where to begin with this.  I guess the beginning is a fitting place.  The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is an independent Baptist Church that was founded by Fred Phelps and at the time of its founding mainly consisted of members of his family.  The group widely known for its extreme beliefs and homophobic tendencies is monitored as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League.  The group has been known to picket funerals such as Matthew Shepard's and on occasion have decimated the American Flag.

Most recently, the group is in the news over a confrontation with an anonymous hacking group fittingly called, Anonymous.

On February 16, an open letter to WBC claiming to be from Anonymous declared that enough is enough. The letter states that--although Anonymous is a staunch defender of the freedom of speech--WBC has crossed the line too often, and gives the church an ultimatum to cease and desist its activities and take down its websites. It ends with an ominous warning, "Should you ignore this warning, you will meet with the vicious retaliatory arm of ANONYMOUS: We will target your public Websites, and the propaganda and detestable doctrine that you promote will be eradicated; the damage incurred will be irreversible, and neither your institution nor your congregation will ever be able to fully recover."
WBC still wants to pick a fight with Anonymous even though they have said that they are not a part of the letter that was received by Westboro Baptist Church.  It is even believed that WBC concocted the letter themselves! Check out a debate between Sarah a member of WBC and a member of Anonymous.

Anonymous, known as hacktivist who fight for freedom of speech and raid the internet with the intent to pummel those who they deem a threat to society by taking down their sites and waging war on them.  Their opponents include the likes of The Church of Scientology and The New World Order on a large scale.  Anonymous have also taken down sexual predators as well.

I'm sure by now most of you know the views of the Church of Scientology as well as many of it's (famous) members. However many of you may not know about the idea of the New World Order which is a theory in the extremest sense means alludes to a

secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government — which replaces sovereign nation-states — and an all-encompassing propaganda that ideologizes its establishment as the culmination of history's progress

I just just cannot stand for ignorance.  Now granted, we all at times make uniformed statements and even decisions but the Westboro Bapstist Church and their views just astound me.  It angers me and upsets to be a Christian when there are people out their spouting such hate masked as God-Loving-People.  There is no logic in what they do or their beliefs.  I mean, when you have sites set up like GodHatesFags or YourPastorisaWhore and say things like "God will Kick your ass!" are you really doing what you believe god intended??  What do you guys think of this whole situation??  Also, check out Anonymous' letter to the New World Order after the jump!

Source: AnonNews, PCWorld, LetsRollForums

Ke$ha Blows Our Minds with Unicorns and Dawson Leery in New Video 'Blow'

Well if it isn't a new video from "Ke-dollar sign-ha"!  Ke$ha released her new video for her single "Blow" and in typical Kesha fashion it was a whole ball of strange feat. rainbows and men/unicorn creatures.  However, the highlight of the video was the appearance of James Van Der Beek!  Between Van Der Memes and now this Van Der Beek is more popular now then when he was Dawson's Creek!  My favorite parts of the video were Ke$ha calling James "Jame Van Der Douche" and the epic gun fight that took place between the two at the end of the video.  All in all "Blow" sounds likes your average Ke$ha song that will most likely be heard in every club and on top 40 stations all weekend.  Enjoy!

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TSwift and Chord Overstreet Make Beautiful Music Together!

The twosome were spotted at a hockey game between LA Kings and the Minnesota Wild yesterday at the Staples Center.  Although the two seemed chummy it just looks as though the Glee star and the 21 year country star just returning from a leg of her Speak Now tour in Asia are just friends.  What do you guys think?  Will she be writing a song about Chord any time soon??

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Alex Pettyfer Remains Cool While Under Fire!

Talk about staying cool while under fire (literally)!  Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four, Beastly) recently had to deal with his house catching on fire while having to get prepared for a premiere of Beastly that same evening!   Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire and there is still not a determined cause of the fire.  Alex kept his cool and looked dashing for the premiere.  Check out the news clip here!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Hangover, Part II: 'The Wolfpack is Back'

Okay, so I couldn't stop laughing and I ended up liking the trailer for the Hangover 2 waaaay more than I thought I would.  Rather than wreaking of stale beer and the stench of old jokes the trailer was a breath of fresh air and a pleasant surprise.  I must admit, going into I had such low expectations.  Although it didn't reveal much it also didn't feel tired and lame.  The chemistry between Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis is wonderful and seeing these guys together again felt like seeing old friends and gave that excitement to see what's to come in the sequel.  I hope the teaser trailer is foretelling of what's to come;  if so, then I'll have one happy hangover experience.  Check out the trailer here!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Even Kanye has 'Bieber Fever'

Despite the fact the this twosome were thrown together a while back to do "Runaway Love" it looks they have gotten along better than anyone would have guessed, with Kanye referring to Bieber as "my new beat protégé".   Kanye tweeted a pic of him and Biebs in the studio clearly working on producing some sweet beats.  The point was made that this duo could take Justin's music to another level being that Kanye is one of the best producers/beat makers out there, what do you guys think??

Source: Mtv

Glee Does Ke$ha: Remains Most Inappropriate Show on Network TV!

I CANNOT wait for the backlash of comments to follow this weeks episode of Glee, Blame it on the Alcohol.   This weeks' episode focused on the dangers of teen drinking and somehow rather than finding a way to discourage teens for drinking, it manages to make it look cool.  Or rather, treated the situation more realistically than most other shows would with their cheesy "after school special" type episode on the severity of drinking.

In an episode that felt more like American Pie mixed with some Mean Girls rather than Glee, Will and his Glee Club have to choose a song to sing at an assembly for alcohol awareness week at the High School.  In the process, the Glee kids fall to the bottle themselves.  The whole thing starts when Rachel throws a party in order to "live a little" and aid her in her song writing process for the Glee Clubs new song.  In an epic party scene where body shots are done off Brittany and Rachel makes out with a gay guy (Blaine) the kids get way too drunk for their own good (the PTC (Parent's Television Council) just sits and waits for these golden moments to happen!).

In addition, Coach Beast takes Will out to one of her favorite bars in order to help him blow off some steam to alleviate all the stress going on in his life. This results in an extremely uncomfortable drunk dial phone call to Emma that ends up being played over the intercom at school.

Despite the fact that Glee covered the issue of teen drinking not very seriously and continues to show that this is a show made for people in their late teens and twenties it still managed to hit a home run with other topics this episode.  The issue of sexuality,  especially how hard that can be to deal with as a teen, was really well done in this episode. When Blaine and Rachel hook up and Blaine begins to question his sexuality in spirals into a heated debate between him and Kurt.  Also, when Blaine is discovered in Kurt's bed by his Dad opens up Pandora's box and leads to another issue for Kurt and his Dad to struggle through (btw LOVED that this was a Kurt heavy episode!).

All in all, I thought this was a great episode that shocked me and really made me laugh.  Not too big on the performances this week despite how fitting they were.  However, Blaine and Rachel's duet of "Don't You Want Me" was fantastic!  I give this episode an A and blame it on the alcohol.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Because it's Been a WHile... A Zac Efron POst

So it feels like FOREVER (like a week) since I've shared any Zac Efron news with you guys I thought I would share something I'd like to call "Zefron in Motion".  A few pics of what the star has been up to in the last fews weeks and his beefy new look.

Zac at LAX

More photos after the jump!

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Hanson's 'Give a Little' Video Gives us Something to Smile About

It's pretty ridiculous how much I am beginning to love these guys all over again!  In a million years if you were to tell me that I'd have a Hanson song that wasn't "Mmmmbop" on my ipod I would say "you've got to be kidding me, right?"  Oh how wrong I was.  These guys are really making a comeback and what's great is that they're not even trying.  They're just having fun and making music that they as well as their fans enjoy and that's what makes it so great.  And their latest video for their single "Give a Little"epitomizes exactly that.  Check out the video here!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ryan Murphy's New Show: Potentially Awesome or A Horror Story?

Holy crap does this guy never stop working?!  Not that I'm complaining, I absolutely LOVE The work of Ryan Murphy.  Despite the occasional times where the Glee creator may drop the ball I believe his shows are outrageously entertaining and some of the most edgy/ interesting stuff I have seen on TV in a long time.  So I was beyond exited to see that Murphy will be collaborating with his Nip/Tuck partner Brad Falchuck for a new show An American Horror Story.

Now while there were no details relayed about the new show, Murphy had this to say,

"American Horror Story is a project that Brad and I have been discussing for a while … FX is the perfect place for this series and we look forward to a great homecoming”
I couldn't agree more with Murphy's statement!  Being on FX gives him a lot more room to push boundaries which was what made Nip/Tuck such a great experience.  They were doing stuff on that show that no one was even thinking about at the time.  Another awesome part about Murphy doing a new show is that he loves to use the same actors, so look for some familiar faces!

As far as Glee is concerned Ryan assured fans that he is up to the daunting duties of multitasking and putting effort into and giving us great material for both shows.

"And as for Glee, fans can rest assured that we haven’t taken our eyes off that ball for a second, We’ve broken the stories for the season’s remaining episodes and we’ve got big things planned for our little glee club as it strives to make it past Regionals to the all-important Nationals competition in New York City.”

This is where I am leery.  When Glee was in the midst of becoming the phenomenon that it is Murphy attempted to give us a fitting ending for his 6 season series Nip/Tuck which really feel short in my opinion and disappointed many. Hopefully this will be avoided this time.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman Come Together in 'Hesher'

So what do you get when you get an Indie flick whose plot mimics the sadness and has the feel of Little Miss Sunshine and mix it with an all star cast that include Rainn Wilson, Jorseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman, Hesher.  Wow, Natalie sure the dress down well.  She looks almost unrecognizable in her huge frames and horrendous sweaters.  Levitt and Wilson also adorn some seriously shaggy looks in this tale about a boy whose loser his mother and in the process loses his father (Wilson) who is crippled by the death of his wife.  Along comes Levitt (Hesher) who befriends the boy and becoming a big brother figure to him and gives him advice on things like his puppy love crush of Portman's character.  What do you guys think??  Leave your comments below!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kanye and Rihanna's New Video for 'All of the Lights'

Just released is the the new single from Kanye feat. Rihanna "All of the Lights".  The video, directed by Hype Williams and feat. vocals from Kid Cudi and Alicia Keys is a super catchy new song, that I can't stop listening to! Check out the video here!

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Cory Monteith Being all Finn Like on Ellen

Recently the 28 year who plays Finn on Glee chatted with Ellen about his ridiculous new life.  Which includes, going to the Grammys, his first football game being the Super Bowl and meeting Prince Harry.  Also, Monteith attempted a hidden camera prank on Ellen that unfortunately happens to go SUPER wrong.  Check it out here!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

One Republic Invite us to Enjoy The Good Life

One of my favorite bands One Republic have released a new video for their latest single, "The Good Life".   Earlier this evening the band tweeted about the release of the new video.

Go to Vevo to check out OneRepublic’s official video for “Good Life” and let us know what you think!
Both the song and video have a classic feel that can easily feel like an anthem for the underdog. I love it! Check out the video here! 

Britney Spears' New Video A Huge Sony Commercial, But We Won't Hold it Against Her

The thing we got a like 20 teaser trailers for is finally here!  Britney Spears' "Hold it Against Me" video has debuted.  And as always, we got quite the spectacle with Ms. Spears.  I've gotta say, she looks fantastic in her new video and always delivers a great performance!  However, what struck me was how much of a product placement ad the video was rather than an art piece.  In the beginning it feels like one of Britney's perfume commercials then all we see throughout the rest of the video was SONY.  Despite the fact that the video looked like one giant commercial there was still some cool stuff going on like a throwback to Brit's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" video which was pretty awesome!  So what did you guys think??  Worth the wait??  Also, in the comments section below can someone please explain the concept of this video and what exactly is going on...I got lost in the sea of Sony and couldn't really figure it out!

Source: LATimesBlogs

I Am Number Four Also: A Look at the Faces Behind the Movie

Often times we watch movies and although the stars and theatrics of the film are incredible, we never really think about what goes on behind the scenes and what exactly it takes to make all of this happen.  While you may know Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron, who you may not know are Ben McGinn and Alana Hixson the stand ins for the stars of Number Four!  

So what exactly is a stand you may ask?  These are the people hired to be in the shot and get it perfect for the director as far as lighting and the action that will be taking place in the scene, so that way the actors can step on set and be ready to go and do their thing (entertain us!).  In this instance, Ben and Alana took direction directly from director, DJ Caruso.

In addition to performing most of the same task as the actors Ben and Alana also rocked the same type of wardrobe and Alex and Dianna had in the film as well.  Again, this was for lighting scenes properly and having continuity.

Ben has been standing in for a few years now and has worked with the likes of Viggo Mortensen and Chris Pine!  So how does one get into this you may ask?  It's as simple as sending your  headshots to your local casting office who deals with booking those types of gigs in the the area. Alana was nice enough to take some time to share her experience on set with me.  Check out her interview after the jump!  Also, I Am Number Four comes out today so be sure to check it out!

**A special thank-you to Ben and Alana for their time and help with this article!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glee Makes a 'Comeback'

Wow, so I don't know even know where to begin with this weeks episode of Glee, Comeback.  Leave it to Glee to do what they do best (comment on and do songs about what's popular right now) and somehow do it better than they ever have!  As much I love the show, I have to admit that most of the time when it attempts a themed episode it normally falls flat on it's face.  The show shines when it focuses on the deeper more important things (like plot and character development).  So needless to say, when I found out that the music of this weeks' episode would be comprised of the one, the only... Justin Bieber, I thought to myself "This is surely the nail in the coffin for one of my favorite shows".

As much as I like Biebs I just didn't see how this could come off well.  However, Ryan Murphy, the genius that he is flipped the tired script of these themed episodes and somehow made it work.  So how the hell did this happen you may ask??

First of all, they utilized Biebers' music properly.  They poked fun at "Bieber Fever" in a playful non-judgmental way, making Finn the "anti-Biebs" who finally converted in the end.  The show used the cheesiness that is at it core to fullest by making Sam ( the PERFECT character to play Biebs) a one man band, "The Justin Bieber Experience" in order to win back Quinn's affection.  Sounds stupid right?  And it is, and the show points that out.  But how the events unfold is really endearing.

Also, in this episode we get the return of Emma.  I really enjoy her as Will's sidekick and guide when it comes to his decisions about Glee Club.  Their mission to save Sue from herself which as we should have known, was part of a plan to destroy Glee Club and that Sue actually didn't need their help was an interesting twist.  I like how every time you think that Sue and the Glee Club are going to form some kind of bond that idea gets ripped away from us.  In this case, it turns out that Sue will now be coaching one of New Directions rival Glee Clubs at Regionals, Oral Intensity ( I love it!).

Lastly, what caught me by surprise and ended up being the best part of the entire episode was that it was hinted at that New Directions will be performing it's own original song at Regionals!  Towards the end of the show Rachel comments that although the song that was agreed upon for Regionals is good it's not nearly good enough to win.  She makes the statement that in order to win, Glee Club should create and sing it's own material at Regionals.  As most of you know this is a HUGE deal as not performing original songs is one of the constant criticisms of the show.  With that in mind, the song that is created has to be good, I mean REALLY good!  So hopefully Ryan Murphy and Company won't disappoint.  I give this episode an B+ for managing to be awesome even with a severe case of 'Bieber Fever'!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Dianna Agron is Pretty Much Awesome Post

Recently, the Glee star has been SUPER busy promoting her upcoming film I Am Number Four.  Agron co-stars in the film directed by DJ Caruso with newcomer Alex Pettyfer.  The promotion started a while back in California where Agron and Pettyfer kicked off a Hot Topic meet and greet tour.  Next they were on to the east coast to promote hte film in both NY at the Apple Store  and another Hot Topic Event in New Jersey.  With the premier of the film the other week in L.A. and the official release this week things have come full circle!

Somehow Agron still finds time to share her thoughts on music, funny videos and share photos from what she is working on on her blog.   Her blog, Dianna Agron, But You Can Call Me Charlie is awesome!  It's always updated with cool stuff and Agron's hilarious take on things.

Check out Dianna on Kimmel after the jump!

Joe Jonas and Zac Efron Looking Dapper after Calvin Klein Fashion Show

Check out the JoBro and Efron hitting the streets of Soho looking straight out of GQ.

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Grammys Recap

Well it's seems as though the Grammy's did not have "Bieber Fever" and decided to say "Fuck You" to Cee Lo Green.  As always the award show was shocking but not for the typical reasons you would expect, like performances or outfits but in the results themselves.  It was clear that everyone thought Cee Lo's "Fuck You" was gonna be the song to beat.  Instead, it was the Country Pop group Lady Antebellum that were the one's to beat  taking home both Record of the Year and Song of the Year.  As far as performances most of the collaborative efforts were hard to pull off.  Although many of talents there last  night are great on their own it's hard to shine bright on a stage full of stars.  Very few things work out well when tossed together, not everything is lucky enough to turn out as well as the KFC bowls!  However, I did come away enjoying a few performances, Katy Perry's intimate performance which showed footage from her wedding to Russel Brand was breathtaking and as always Eminem did not disappoint when he hit the stage with Dre, Rihanna and newcomer Skyler Grey.  Another thing that impressed was how Skyler Grey held her own on the stage with the one and only, Rihanna,  She really blew me away!  Also, Mick Jagger was phenomenal paying tribute to Soloman Burke.  That dude STILL rocks like none other! Check out the complete list of this years winners after the jump! Be sure to share your thoughts on last night festivities in the comment section below!

Source:, NyDailyNews

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cory Monteith Talks Glee, 'Bieber Fever' and Being Canadian in Twitter Q&A

For all you Glee/Cory Monteith (a.k.a Finn) fans out there, you are in for a treat!  Last night Cory decided to entertain himself and his fans by doing a Twitter Q&A while having some down time on set of Glee (what a nice guy!).

 Cory Monteith 

yep. now. downtime on set. I'm all ears. annnnd go! @: @ will you ever do a Q & A on twitter?

 Cory Monteith 

I hope so! I like airplanes. RT@: @ will you do a south american tour? i can't wait to see the whole cast live!

Check out the rest of the Q&A after the jump!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lady Gaga Tells Us She was 'Born This Way'

What many have been waiting for is finally here, Lady Gaga has released her first single off of her new album Born This Way bearing the same name.  Someone mentioned that it has a sound similar to a Madonna track which I definitely agree with.   With lyrics like,

              I'm beautiful in my way

           'Cause God makes no mistakes

       I'm on the right track baby

I was Born This Way
 The song, much like Katy Perry's "Firework" or Ke$ha's "We are Who we are" is anthem about being proud to be the person that you are.  People have been anticipating this ever since news was released months ago.  So was it worth the wait?  Check it out and let me know!

Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Radio Version) by AnimalMon

Source: SoundCloud

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Am Number Four Soundtrack Will Blow You Away!

While catching an early preview of I Am Number Four last weekend I couldn't help but to notice how great the soundtrack was.  Every song just felt like it fit perfectly with the scene that it accompanied.  It's something that really stood out to me and blew me away and I hope you guys feel the same way!  Check it out here.

Music Playlist at

First Look at Leo DiCaprio as J Edgar Hoover

Some pics recently surfaced from the set of Clint Eastwoods bio pic of President Hoover titled, J Edgar.  The pics show DiCaprio puffing away on a cig dressed as Hoover.  The project defintely sounds interesting and I'm curious to see how it turns out.  The film also stars Armie Hammer (The Social Network), Josh Lucas, Ed Westwick, and Naomi Watts.  In the film Hammer will be playing Hoover's number two man in the FBI who was also his rumored lover.  Hammer commented,

“It’s not a kissing scene - it’s a ton of kissing scenes.  [Leo is] a talented actor. I’m not nervous or afraid of it being awkward,” Armie added. “The script is great. The scenes are in there for a reason. I’m really excited.”
Check out a few more pics after the jump!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Glee 'Silly Love Songs': Good or Just Plain Silly?

Maybe it's just the after effect of such an awesome Superbowl episode or just that there hasn't been enough of Kurt performing but this week's Glee, Silly Love Songs just didn't do it for me.  I was expecting a lot more to happen (especially with the whole Finn and Quinn kiss).  Ah well, guess we'll have to wait and see where that goes.  It just seemed that the show was lacking the finesse that most of the other episodes had this season.

The first thing that really frustrated me was how quickly creator Ryan Murphy changes how you feel about his characters.  You go from routing for someone like Finn in last weeks' episode to suddenly loathing him for his conceitedness and for trying to get in between Sam and Quinn.

It's definitely hard to hit a home run every time with a show that combines both plot and song.  You always run into the dilemma that when one is good, the other will be lacking.  And that is exactly the case with this episode.

Now since this episode fell short in the plot department it was most definitely saved by solid song selection.  The songs were so that it felt as though the story for this episode was crafted around when it definitely needs to be the other way around.  Some of the songs I really liked were "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Firework".  I really dug the firework performance because it reminded a lot of when Rachel sang Rihanna's "Take a Bow" in the first Season.  There was so much emotion behind that made it great.

The other thing that made this episode of Glee great was the Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) character.  She has some great lines and it was pretty cool to see part of the plot revolve around someone new on the show.  Also, Santana having the crap kicked out of her by Lauren and being called out for her bitchiness made the show pretty damn entertaining as well.  Overall, the episode was a C but Glee still has my heart.

Sneak Peak at 'The Breaking Dawn' Boys on Set

For the most part news about Twilight: Breaking Dawn has been kept pretty hush hush.  But recently some new set pics have finally surfaced! Pics of the Twilight guys, Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, and Peter Facinelli. The guys were all done up in their vamp makeup leaving set in Baton Rouge.  Check out the photos here!

Source: CaughtOnSet

Monday, February 7, 2011

Glee's Super Superbowl Episode!

So it's FINALLY here, the epic Superbowl episode of Glee that we've all been hearing about for months now!  So were you WOWed??  I know I was!  I really wasn't sure what to expect when I found out that Glee was going to have an episode airing after this year's Superbowl.  I was most definitely thinking they would deliver a  themed episode and do something over the top in order to draw in a new audience that may have never seen the show before.  However, I was only partly right about my predictions.

Now while Glee most certainly outdid itself with there "Thriller"/ "Heads Will Roll" mash up we didn't get that themed episode that everyone at first thought was happening.  Instead, the focus was on the plot.  We got a simple plot of the geeks and jocks coming together in order to win a football game and save their school's pride, which kind of reminded of the plot of Lucas or any other cheesy 80's movie about High School.  However, just when you think everything is all "sunshine and rainbows" things never turn out quite like you think.  Rather than a united front at McKinley High, Karofsky (Kurt's bully) still won't succumb to the smooth dance moves and chicklet like smiles of the Glee Club.  He is a continual obstacle to himself and the unity of the High School.

Also, something I really didn't see coming (besides mashing up Thriller) were Quinn and Finn kissing (whaaaat?!).  Season One seems SO long that you almost forget that they were dating and now that both of their characters are changing into different people over the show with Quinn being more caring and Finn becoming less of an idiot jock and more of an endearing leader their chemistry is great!  This happening in High School terms if you all can remember that far back means some serious drama is coming our way!

Now onto what we all look forward to in the show, the MUSIC!   As far as Glee's "Thriller" was concerned I thought they did a fantastic job!  They didn't try to compete with Michael's song ( I mean after all he was the 'King of of Pop'!). Rather than competing to do a better version they just had fun with it and that's why it worked.  It didn't come off as pretentious as though the show was trying to give us a better version of a classic song.  However, what really surprised was Darren Criss' version of the Destiny's Child song, "Bills, Bills, Bills".  That guy is amazing and blows me away every time her performs on the show, each time he clearly shows why he was such a great addiction to the cast!  I give this episode an A for the cast still maintaining to awesome while in zombie makeup!