A Dianna Agron is Pretty Much Awesome Post

Recently, the Glee star has been SUPER busy promoting her upcoming film I Am Number Four.  Agron co-stars in the film directed by DJ Caruso with newcomer Alex Pettyfer.  The promotion started a while back in California where Agron and Pettyfer kicked off a Hot Topic meet and greet tour.  Next they were on to the east coast to promote hte film in both NY at the Apple Store  and another Hot Topic Event in New Jersey.  With the premier of the film the other week in L.A. and the official release this week things have come full circle!

Somehow Agron still finds time to share her thoughts on music, funny videos and share photos from what she is working on on her blog.   Her blog, Dianna Agron, But You Can Call Me Charlie is awesome!  It's always updated with cool stuff and Agron's hilarious take on things.

Check out Dianna on Kimmel after the jump!

Kimmel PART 1

Kimmel PART 2



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