Glee Makes a 'Comeback'

Wow, so I don't know even know where to begin with this weeks episode of Glee, Comeback.  Leave it to Glee to do what they do best (comment on and do songs about what's popular right now) and somehow do it better than they ever have!  As much I love the show, I have to admit that most of the time when it attempts a themed episode it normally falls flat on it's face.  The show shines when it focuses on the deeper more important things (like plot and character development).  So needless to say, when I found out that the music of this weeks' episode would be comprised of the one, the only... Justin Bieber, I thought to myself "This is surely the nail in the coffin for one of my favorite shows".

As much as I like Biebs I just didn't see how this could come off well.  However, Ryan Murphy, the genius that he is flipped the tired script of these themed episodes and somehow made it work.  So how the hell did this happen you may ask??

First of all, they utilized Biebers' music properly.  They poked fun at "Bieber Fever" in a playful non-judgmental way, making Finn the "anti-Biebs" who finally converted in the end.  The show used the cheesiness that is at it core to fullest by making Sam ( the PERFECT character to play Biebs) a one man band, "The Justin Bieber Experience" in order to win back Quinn's affection.  Sounds stupid right?  And it is, and the show points that out.  But how the events unfold is really endearing.

Also, in this episode we get the return of Emma.  I really enjoy her as Will's sidekick and guide when it comes to his decisions about Glee Club.  Their mission to save Sue from herself which as we should have known, was part of a plan to destroy Glee Club and that Sue actually didn't need their help was an interesting twist.  I like how every time you think that Sue and the Glee Club are going to form some kind of bond that idea gets ripped away from us.  In this case, it turns out that Sue will now be coaching one of New Directions rival Glee Clubs at Regionals, Oral Intensity ( I love it!).

Lastly, what caught me by surprise and ended up being the best part of the entire episode was that it was hinted at that New Directions will be performing it's own original song at Regionals!  Towards the end of the show Rachel comments that although the song that was agreed upon for Regionals is good it's not nearly good enough to win.  She makes the statement that in order to win, Glee Club should create and sing it's own material at Regionals.  As most of you know this is a HUGE deal as not performing original songs is one of the constant criticisms of the show.  With that in mind, the song that is created has to be good, I mean REALLY good!  So hopefully Ryan Murphy and Company won't disappoint.  I give this episode an B+ for managing to be awesome even with a severe case of 'Bieber Fever'!



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