Glee Does Ke$ha: Remains Most Inappropriate Show on Network TV!

I CANNOT wait for the backlash of comments to follow this weeks episode of Glee, Blame it on the Alcohol.   This weeks' episode focused on the dangers of teen drinking and somehow rather than finding a way to discourage teens for drinking, it manages to make it look cool.  Or rather, treated the situation more realistically than most other shows would with their cheesy "after school special" type episode on the severity of drinking.

In an episode that felt more like American Pie mixed with some Mean Girls rather than Glee, Will and his Glee Club have to choose a song to sing at an assembly for alcohol awareness week at the High School.  In the process, the Glee kids fall to the bottle themselves.  The whole thing starts when Rachel throws a party in order to "live a little" and aid her in her song writing process for the Glee Clubs new song.  In an epic party scene where body shots are done off Brittany and Rachel makes out with a gay guy (Blaine) the kids get way too drunk for their own good (the PTC (Parent's Television Council) just sits and waits for these golden moments to happen!).

In addition, Coach Beast takes Will out to one of her favorite bars in order to help him blow off some steam to alleviate all the stress going on in his life. This results in an extremely uncomfortable drunk dial phone call to Emma that ends up being played over the intercom at school.

Despite the fact that Glee covered the issue of teen drinking not very seriously and continues to show that this is a show made for people in their late teens and twenties it still managed to hit a home run with other topics this episode.  The issue of sexuality,  especially how hard that can be to deal with as a teen, was really well done in this episode. When Blaine and Rachel hook up and Blaine begins to question his sexuality in spirals into a heated debate between him and Kurt.  Also, when Blaine is discovered in Kurt's bed by his Dad opens up Pandora's box and leads to another issue for Kurt and his Dad to struggle through (btw LOVED that this was a Kurt heavy episode!).

All in all, I thought this was a great episode that shocked me and really made me laugh.  Not too big on the performances this week despite how fitting they were.  However, Blaine and Rachel's duet of "Don't You Want Me" was fantastic!  I give this episode an A and blame it on the alcohol.



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