Ryan Murphy's New Show: Potentially Awesome or A Horror Story?

Holy crap does this guy never stop working?!  Not that I'm complaining, I absolutely LOVE The work of Ryan Murphy.  Despite the occasional times where the Glee creator may drop the ball I believe his shows are outrageously entertaining and some of the most edgy/ interesting stuff I have seen on TV in a long time.  So I was beyond exited to see that Murphy will be collaborating with his Nip/Tuck partner Brad Falchuck for a new show An American Horror Story.

Now while there were no details relayed about the new show, Murphy had this to say,

"American Horror Story is a project that Brad and I have been discussing for a while … FX is the perfect place for this series and we look forward to a great homecoming”
I couldn't agree more with Murphy's statement!  Being on FX gives him a lot more room to push boundaries which was what made Nip/Tuck such a great experience.  They were doing stuff on that show that no one was even thinking about at the time.  Another awesome part about Murphy doing a new show is that he loves to use the same actors, so look for some familiar faces!

As far as Glee is concerned Ryan assured fans that he is up to the daunting duties of multitasking and putting effort into and giving us great material for both shows.

"And as for Glee, fans can rest assured that we haven’t taken our eyes off that ball for a second, We’ve broken the stories for the season’s remaining episodes and we’ve got big things planned for our little glee club as it strives to make it past Regionals to the all-important Nationals competition in New York City.”

This is where I am leery.  When Glee was in the midst of becoming the phenomenon that it is Murphy attempted to give us a fitting ending for his 6 season series Nip/Tuck which really feel short in my opinion and disappointed many. Hopefully this will be avoided this time.

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