Britney Spears' New Video A Huge Sony Commercial, But We Won't Hold it Against Her

The thing we got a like 20 teaser trailers for is finally here!  Britney Spears' "Hold it Against Me" video has debuted.  And as always, we got quite the spectacle with Ms. Spears.  I've gotta say, she looks fantastic in her new video and always delivers a great performance!  However, what struck me was how much of a product placement ad the video was rather than an art piece.  In the beginning it feels like one of Britney's perfume commercials then all we see throughout the rest of the video was SONY.  Despite the fact that the video looked like one giant commercial there was still some cool stuff going on like a throwback to Brit's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" video which was pretty awesome!  So what did you guys think??  Worth the wait??  Also, in the comments section below can someone please explain the concept of this video and what exactly is going on...I got lost in the sea of Sony and couldn't really figure it out!

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