Monday, January 31, 2011

New Video from New York Band Open Til Midnight

Recently the guys of the up and coming New York based band Open Til Midnight gave us a new video to check out for their song "Circe's Isle".  The band has a great, carefree attitude about things as you can tell from their "About Me" on their site which comments,
We like rock. We like girls. We like girls who rock.  Girls like Matt. And Ross too (we’re not sure why). Jon likes girls who like the drums. Keith likes girls who like Keith. Mike likes girls who break his heart (Mike writes the songs). We like Rock. Tequila. Hip Hop. Chicken Burritos. New York City. Jameson. Thursday night out. Friday night out. Any night out. Passing it around again, again, and again.
The guys really rock out for an acoustic setting and are a lot of fun to watch jam.  Check 'em out!

Source: OTMFacebookPage

Since Glee Hasn't Been On in a While, Some Glee related News to Hold you Over until the Super bowl Episode!

Wow, it seems like FOREVER ago since we've had a new episode of Glee!  Well fret not gleeks out there a new episode will be airing after the Superbowl this Sunday!  Originally set to be a themed episode featuring the classic tunes of either MJ or Bruce Springstein the show changed it's mind a few weeks later and decided to just do an epic regular episode.  The episode will however feature "Thriller"!  So what exactly has the cast been up over the shows little hiatus?  Dianna Agron helped promote her upcoming film I Am Number Four with co-star Alex Pettyfer, Matthew Morrison put on a free concert in The Grove and the cast was also seen out and about in some zombie makeup.   Check it out after the jump!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 SAG Award Winners!

The prestigious SAG awards have just ended and the results are pretty fitting in my opinion.  It's definitely awesome to see people like Colin Firth get honored as well as surprise winners like Melissa Leo (I didn't see The Fighter but that must have  been one hell of a performance)!  And as always, it's great to see outstanding comedies like Modern Family and 30 Rock get credit.  Check out the full list of Winner after the jump!  What do you guys think of the results??

Source: InsideMovies

Anne Hathaway and James Franco Get Pumped Up for the Oscars!

The adorable duo recently did a bunch of promotional videos and pics for this years' Oscars.  And if the video is any indication of what's to come for the big night,  then these two have great chemistry and should be a lot of fun to watch host.  I saw the promos the other night on TV and couldn't stop laughing!  The pics are classy and fun as well!  Do you think Anne Hathaway and James Franco will make for good host??

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Alex Pettyfer on Ellen!

I Am Number Four star Alex Pettyfer made his talk show debut today on the Ellen show and it was pretty hilarious to see Ellen mess with the newcomer.  She attempted to get Pettyfer to comment on his relationship with Glee star and his co-star in the film, Dianna Agron and also found any excuse for the ripped British actor to take his shirt off.  Ellen succeeded at one of those goals and if your wondering which one, ladies you'll be happy with it!  Check out the interview here!

Source: Ellen

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Uma Thruman Shows us her Soft and Tough sides New Movie 'Ceremony'!

Uma Thurman known for such classic films as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill: Volumes I and II is the star of Ceremony from newcomer writer turned director, Max Winkler.  And if that last name is sounding kind of familiar then you guessed it!  Max is the son of Henry Winkler "The Fonz"!  The film  revolves around a young writer (Michael Angarano) who falls for a much older woman played by Thurman and attempts to break up her wedding.  "Ceremony" is being produced by Jason Reitman (Up in the Air) who is good friends with Max.  The films seems cute and endearing in a 500 Days of Summer kind of way.  What do you guys think??  Check out Max, Reitman, Thurman and Angarano talking about the film at the Toronto Film Festival.  "Ceremony" is due out in April with a limited release.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Eskimo's Tunes Help Keep You Warm on Those Cold Winter Nights

Leave it to Ellen to not only be an awesome talk show host but to also have awesome taste in music!  On her recent birthday episode she featured one of her favorite bands from London and from the opening guitar rift I fell in love with the guys of One Eskimo ( Adam Falkner (drums), Pete Rinaldi (guitar), and Jamie Sefton (bass and horns)).  With lead singer Kristian Leontiou sounding like a rougher James Blunt in their single "Givin' Up" the band possesses an eclectic sound of pop rock that I really dig.  Check them out on the Ellen show and also check out the album version of "Givin' Up" as well as their singles such as "Amazing" and "Kandi" after the jump!

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Glee Creator Ryan Murphy and Kings of Leon involved in Verbal Sparring Match!

You sit down on your couch and flip on your TV just in time, and it begins; the witty banter, the trials and tribulations of High School and... show tunes?  It must be none other then Fox's pop culture phenomenon, Glee that has appeared on your TV.  While watching the show it never really crossed my mind at how expensive it would be to put on a show using other people's music.  Maybe I'm just to busy singing along to realize that the song I'm singing along to realize it's costing the show and upwards of several thousand per song in order for me to have the joy of singing along!  Check out what the shows creator, Ryan Murphy had to say as well as his ongoing battle with Rock group Kings of Leon after the jump!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New Zac Efron?... Up and Comer Alex Pettyfer in Feb. Issue of GQ

For not even having a movie out yet there sure is a lot of buzz around the young British actor Alex Pettyfer!  Pettyfer, is the star of not one but two upcoming movies with very lovely co-stars.  Alex will co-star with Dianna Agron (Glee) in the upcoming Sci-Fi flick I Am Number Four (Feb. 18) and then just a few weeks later you can catch Pettyfer in Beastly in which he stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens 
( March 4).  Pettyfer is also set to play British race car driver, James Hunt in an upcoming biopic and is currently filming Now with Amanda Seyfried, Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde.  Talk about being busy!  Check Alex out in GQ after the jump.

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2011 Oscar Nominations... And why wasn't Justin Timberlake Nominated?

So Oscar nominations were announced early this morning and they were pretty much as expected; including such films as The Social Network, Black Swan and The King's Speech. This year more than ever it seems as though the picks are pretty easy to make.  With The Social Network seeming to be well ahead in the Oscar race (as it should be).  But none the less, the Oscars are always full of surprises.  So the only thing I'm left pondering is.. why wasn't JT nominated?  Early on there was a lot of talk about his character Sean Parker in the Fincher's Social Network having such a commanding presence on screen that he might be nominated for Best Supporting Actor.  Was the campaign for Justin just no good?  It seems as though Timberlake was starting to come off as arrogent and unlikable as the campaign went on and his performance could be dissected and viewed as JT merely playing a caricature of himself.     Check out the full list of nominees and let me know who you think should win!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

James Franco Keeps Us Company at Sundance 2011

Recently, the lovable star (growing more and more eccentric as time passes) chatted with MTV about his recent art installation at NYU that deals with the beloved sitcom Three's Company.  Franco talks about how he came of with the concept (which actually seems pretty cool) check it out in the video!  I just don't know how he does  it though, working on films, teaching at Yale and doing tons of press for the upcoming Oscars (and I thought being up and having a decent meal before noon was impressive!).

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku Looking Foxy at Sundance 2011!

I seriously don't think I've EVER seen amore adorable looking couple!  Check out the dynamic duo as they hit the Swagg table at Sundance, getting their ski on and also picking out a Christmas tree over the holidays.  Check out the pics after the jump.  Try not to let the cuteness overwhelm you!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

'What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?": New Scream 4 Trailer!

A while back I shared with you guys a brief teaser trailer for Scream 4 that had leaked although was poor quality at least gave us a sense where they were going with the fourth film.  Now, a longer more official trailer has come our way and I am beyond excited for the movie!  Despite their being a whole new cast of kids (including a Randy wannabe, sorry it doesn't get better than Jamie Kennedy for me!) the original cast including Neve Campbell are all back on board for the Wes Craven directed flick that was also written by original screenwriter Kevin Williamson (Dawson's Creek).  Now I know this may be nostalgia  clouding my brain but I'm really excited to be seeing a Scream film in theaters.  I never, EVER thought that could happen,  Now only if they'll make that Veronica Mars movie.  Check out the trailer here! Are you ready for some new new "scream queens"?  The film has quite the ensemble cast including, Hayden Panetierre, Emma Roberts, Adam Brody, and Anthony Edwards and is due out

Source: Apple Trailers, FilmoFilia

New Show 'Traffic Light' just like 'Perfect Couples' but Funnier...MUCH Funnier

Fox, a network that already consist a lineup that that racks in the ratings with shows like American Idol, Glee, Bones, House and Fringe now has a new show to add that should most certainly be worthy to add to this list of shows.  Traffic Light, a new comedy coming our way Feb. 8th is a hilarious show about how real relationships work rather than how we all believe they should work.  Check out the promotional trailer and give your thoughts.  Does this thing look funny or lame??  But with co-writers from Wedding Crashers on board how can this thing not be funny!

Source: Fox

Pink's new Video for 'Fuckin' Perfect' is Fuckin' Intense

Pink just released the video for her new single "Fuckin' Perfect" off of her new album Greatest Hits... So Far!!!, Pink's first compilation album.  And I gotta say, the video is to be  "fuckin' perfect".  Next to her video for family portrait this is the most emotionally driven and containing a hard hitting message that Pink has thrown our way in a while.  Pink over the years has always given fun party soundtracks and a lot of fun, light and fluffy material; however, when she decides to tackle emotional issues she hits us and hits us hard.  Songs like "Family Portrait, "Dear Mr. President" and now"Perfect" are a few of Pink's songs that do just that.  They force you to think about and deal with issues that are never really brought to the forefront.  Which, occasionally is something that needs to be done in order to keep your sanity.  Finally, for all you Veronica Mars fans out there, there is a great cameo in the video that I'm sure you'll be happy with!   What do you guys think of the video?

Source: OkMag

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome Chris Pine Back on Set!

Recently, Pine was spotted on the way to his trailer while filming an upcoming project called, which also stars Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks (yesss! love her!) is about a businessman who returns home after his father's death.  Upon his return he discovers that his sister has become an alcoholic and that he has a 12 year-old son.

Taking the reigns on the project is writer turned director Alex Kurtzman (Alias, Fringe, Star Trek, Transformers, the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens and the upcoming Star Trek Sequel).  Holy crap!  With this impressive body of work we can expect a mundane story to be made extraordinary (think of how Jason Reitman did this for 'Up in the Air').  And if it helps you make up your mind if this guy will be any good at directing he's backed by the one and only Steven Spielberg who gave him the gig.   So what do you guys think about this thing?  I think it's sounds promising.   Check out the pics after the jump!

Source: JustJared, NyMag

Pics of Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake on set of new Sci-Fi Flick

Timberlake and Seyfried were back to work the other on their new film Now, a sci-fi thriller set to be released later this month. The film also stars Olivia Wilde (Tron), Matt Bomer (White Collar), and Alex Pettyfer (I am Number Four). Check out more photos after the jump!

Source: JustJared

Kurt and Blaine 'The Joanie and Chachi of Our Generation'

Hitting newsstands this Friday is the  new issue of Entrainment Weekly featuring on the cover Glee stars Chris Colfer and Darren Criss who play gay teens on Fox's hit show.  But more importantly, there is the topic of gay teens on television.  An issue that is rarely dealt with and more often than it should be is swept under the rug.  Having some sort of image to look to is a sign of not being alone for a lot of gay teens out there who constantly struggle with the issue.  On a lighter note Colfer commented,

"They're kind of like the Joanie and Chachi of our generation.  When we made the announcement that Kurt was getting a boyfriend people went bats!"
Check out more pics after the jump!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Natalie Portman may be the Black Swan but Ellen is the Black Bear!

Natalie Portman recently went on Ellen to chat about her experience with meeting fiancĂ© Benjamin Millepied on the set of Black Swan and her pregnancy.  As always, Portman remained absolutely adorable while doing so.  Now it is rumored that after she has her baby that Natalie will be less in the public eye (How disappointing is that?!) but definitely understandable.  Will you guys miss Ms. Portman if she drops off the grid?

Check out Natalie making pregnancy look good (as only she can) in the full interview after the jump!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Patrick Stumps Goes all A Capella on Our Asses

Lead singer of Fall Out Boy (wait...are they even still together?) Patrick Stumps attempts to show off his talent by doing a mash up of a handful of recent popular songs to have hit the airwaves.  It's pretty cool; however, his voice does tend to get a little whiny at some points.  What do you guys think?  Is he any good or should he stick to auto tuning it??

Here's the Mash- Up List:

Empire State Of Mind - Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

Love The Way You Lie
- Eminem Featuring Rihanna

Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

Nothin' On You - B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars

Fuck You - Cee Lo Green

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Why Hanson Is the best 'Boy Band' Turned 'Man Band' Around

Alright, so you're probably thinking to yourself, "Why the hell is this chick posting about Hanson?  It's not the late 90's, so how is this even relevant?!"  Well I assure you, despite that the fact that it's 2011 and the days of "MmBopp" are long behind us, Hanson still quite relevant.

So how did I stumble upon this little nugget of knowledge you may ask?  By putting Hanson into pandora one day (yes, I know, not a most logical choice, but hey it worked out!).  Well, instead of getting a bunch of songs off of the brotherly trio's first album Middle of Nowhere I got a plethora of songs from later albums such as The Walk (2007) and Shout it Out (2010).

You may be wondering, "What's the difference"?  First off, no more screeching vocals from lead singer Taylor Hanson (with age comes a MUCH better singer voice)!  Also along those lines, Hanson's newer albums cover more mature content.  Lastly, the sound is less poppy and more bluesy.

SOme of my favorite tracks include "Tearin' it Down", "Waiting for this", "Give a Little", and "Thinkin' Bout Somethin'". Check out some videos and also some other reviews of Hanson's latest album and decide for yourself if you like the new and in my opinion improved, Hanson.

Coachella 2011 Lineup!

I Pretty Much Need to Be There! Ahhh!

For those of you who don't know Coachella is a HUGE musical festival that takes place at
Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California. The lineup is always amazing and this year doesn't intend to disappoint. Check out the lineup after the jump! Trust me, you'll be ready to book your ticket once you see it!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seth Rogen Gets All Nerdy with the G4 Network and I love it!

With the recent release of his film The Green Hornet, Seth Rogen sat down with the G4 Network to talk about his new film and as usual, he was good for more than a few laughs.  Rogen talked about what went into tackling the chore of turning the comic into a film, working with Cameron Diaz and why he didn't go shirtless for the flick. Green Hornet has been getting some pretty decent reviews and seems like a lot of fun. Check out the interview here!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011 Recap!

Apparently Ricky Gervais will NEVER host the Golden Globes again!

Now it is believed that the Golden Globes are a pretty good indicator of who'll win big at the Oscars.  If this is true then I'm beyond excited about the outcome of this years award show!  What do you guys think of the results?  Personally, I think they're pretty spot on.  The most interesting thing to me is how although The Social Network has had a steady campaign for the Oscar race it was definitely quieted for a while with talks of 127 Hours and Black Swan but with it's recently dvd release has come back with a vengeance!  And will supposedly be released back into theaters later this month!

Read more about this years Golden Globes and check out full list of winners after the jump!

Source: Mtv

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen Our New Spidey!

Now I know that Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, Never Let me Go) is one of the most adorable geeks around but I didn't expect him to be the perfect fit for Marc Webb's Spiderman reboot but after seeing the first image of Garfield in the suit I'm sold!  Filming is currently going on and the film who also stars Emma Stone (Zombieland, Easy A) is due out in July of 2012.  Get your first peek at the new Spidey here!  What do you guys think??

More photos after the jump!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't, Zimbio

New Tv Spot For Alien Flick I Am Number Four and it Kicks Ass!

Rarely is a movie better than the book it is based on however, I believe that DJ Caruso's (Disturbia, Eagle EyeI Am Number Four based on the book of the same title may be one of the few exceptions.  I am just about finished the book and while it is entertaining it really seems as though the film is going to attempt to handle the plot better and fix a lot of the problems that the book had.  The film seems to smarten up the dialogue and the effects seem out of this world.  I'm really looking looking forward to I Am Number which stars Alex Pettyfer and Diana Agron, due out February 18th.  Check out the new TV spot and share your thoughts!

Olivia Munn Looking Absolutely Adorable On Letterman

Olivia Munn recently sat down to chat with David Letterman about her upcoming show "Perfect Couples" airing on NBC starting Jan. 20th!  Check out Munn remaining cute while munching on a cookie before the show and her interview with Letterman after the jump!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

David Fincher Reveals his Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I am absolutely in love with David Fincher's work right now.  After watching behind the scenes footage of The Social Network I have an even deeper adoration for his work and work ethic.  So seeing the final reveal of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in the The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo shouldn't have surprised but wow, I was rendered speechless by Mara's epic/amazing transformation into this character.  What do you guys think?? Check out the big reveal after the jump!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Andrew Garfield Socializes with Us in New Issue of Details!

Don't You Just Love Brits!

In the Feb. issue of Details the ever-so-adorable Garfield talks about blowing chunks before auditions, getting ripped for his upcoming Spiderman flick and of course The Social Network.  Check out the article and behind the scenes video after the jump!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't, Details, JustJared

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Music from the Princess of Pop!

Can anyone really ever get enough of Britney Spears?  Um....I think NOT!  There has been talk of a new album heading our way for a while now and FINALLY the first single is here.  "Hold it Against Me" is like any other poppy/catchy Britney song but with a bit of a twist.  The single is very reminiscent of something off of her album Blackout which gave us songs like "Radar" and "Piece of Me".  I love the new single and if this is any indication of what the album will be like then I'm pumped!   But what do you guys think??

Source: Mtv

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shit You Missed This Weekend 01/7 -01/9

Well the first weekend of 2011 has finally arrived!  And it's not too shabby of an arrival folks.  We've got some news about some kind of machines, the Kennedy's and black keys in the latest installment of Shit You Missed This Weekend!  So check out what you missed over the weekend while you were busy doing other, more important things.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Megan Fox Out and About Post!

Recently, the ex Transformers star and new face of Armani headed out to lunch with hubby Brian Austin Green.  The couple was pretty lovey dovey.  Sorry fellas, looks like these two are in it for the long hall.  Enjoy the pics after the jump though!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Ryan Gosling has Me wanting to Rock Jumpin' Jammies!

This is by far one of the adorable/hilarious things I have seen in a while!  Ryan Gosling went on Ellen to promote his new movie, Blue Valentine in which he co-stars with Michelle Williamson.  What I found most interesting about the interview was that Gosling shared that he and Williams had to live together during the day int to prepare for their roles.  Check out this awesome interview in which Gosling and DeGeneres ride bike and somehow make onesie pajamas look cool!

Breaking News on Twilight's Breaking Dawn!

So if you're a huge Twilight fan you're clearly anticipating the final installment of the Saga, Breaking Dawn!  For months now different ideas have been tossed around as to how the film would handle the last book's material as well as how the film would split the book into two parts.  Well you Twihards can stop wondering!  Producer Wyck Godfrey in an interview with USA Today has finally given us some answers to all our pressing Breaking Dawn questions.  Check out what he had to say after the jump!  Keep in mind, the answers are in depth and details the plot and where the first installment of BD will end so if that's a little TMI for then suppose you'll have to wait for the movie folks (but this only really matters if you haven't read the books), but TRUST me, it's some good stuff!  Let me know what you guys think?!

Source: TheHDRoom

Thursday, January 6, 2011

People's Choice Awards 2011 Recap

So the 2011 People's Choice Awards hosted by Queen Latifah aired last night.  In case you guys missed this epic event last night thought you would enjoy little recap to see what exactly our fellow movie, tv and music lovers all thought were the best of the best in entertainment.  Let me know what decisions you agree with and which ones you thought were absolutely ridiculous!  Check out a full list of winners and pics from the event after the jump!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hilarious Movie Insult Clips!

Your Mom's Chest Hair!

Alright, so we all have our favorite lines from our favorite that we often utilize, some of us even obnoxiously so.  Mine happens to be, "You're killin me Smalls!" from Sandlot.  But never mind that.  Some dude (Harry Hanrahan) has edited together some of the best movie zingers of all time and let me tell ya they make for an awesome way to waste twenty minutes of your day.  Even though I didn't know a handful of the clips they were still super funny and of course there were some classics thrown in there from the likes of The Breakfast Club and much, much more.  Check out the videos after the jump and let me know your favorite insult clips!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane with James Van Der Beek

Wow, it's 1998 and I'm rockin my Aeropostale hoodie and putting off doing my math homework all over again.  So what does that mean exactly... it means we get a new Funny or Die video from James Van Der Beek!  The newly married, proud Poppa and former Dawson's Creek star recently did a hilarious new video mocking his overly emotional character Dawson Leery.  

Vandermemes from James Van Der Beek

Check out more hilarious videos from Mr. Van Der Beek after the jump!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Josh Groban Makes a Toast to the Biggest Douchebag of Them All!

For some reason there is nothing funnier than a super serious Grammy and Oscar nominated singer like Josh Groban decides to to something silly (like appearing on Glee in the past and wearing ridiculous glasses).  However, more recently Groban has decided to take a little jab at Mr. West and also show us his silly side by making fun of Kanye's tweets.

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Robert Pattinson "Bothers" Me

With the holiday season rapidly coming to a close here's a bit of a late present to help keep your holiday spirit just a little bit longer.  Jimmy Fallon recently put out a new installment of his skit Bothered in which he pokes fun at Robert Pattinson's character Edward from the Twilight Saga.  In his Christmas installment of Bothered Fallon pokes fun at everything from holiday shopping to Rudolph's nose.  Check it out and let me know what you guys think!  Also, check out more episodes of Bothered.

Source: OkMag

Monday, January 3, 2011

Is Coming Out in Hollywood Detrimental to One's Career?


Recently,  Richard Chamberlain Hollywood vet and teen idol from the 60's known for his role on Dr. Kildare expressed to the Advocate his feelings about coming out as a leading man in Hollywood.  Chamberlain commented,

"Personally, I wouldn't advise a gay leading man-type actor to come out."
He furthers comments,

"There's still a tremendous amount of homophobia in our culture" -- adding, "Despite all the wonderful advances that have been made, it's still dangerous for an actor to talk about that."
To me, this issue of leading men not being able to come out is as intricate and equally as messy as Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  On the one hand, it's fucking Hollywood, if there is any town or any profession even that would be accepting of this it should be this.  Then there's the idea that the public will have trouble identifying with a jacked guy who is blowing shit up but is also gay.  If in fact this is true than it could drastically hurt a films numbers and therefore bring the studio down.

But wait, aren't movies a fictional world?  So, if we all know that this overtly macho guy in this movie really isn't killing people with his bare hands than his orientation shouldn't play a part in his ability to play the role and how how much we identify with his character.  Although, Neil Patrick Harris has come out and been able to continuously play womanizing, straight characters with no problem however,  Harris is most certainly in the minority and was basically forced to come out anyway.  There are still a number of leading men rumored to be gay, and if they really are and are hiding it to keep their careers going then Chamberlain, sadly, may be onto something here.  What do you guys think??  And be sure to check out the list of supposedly gay leading men after the jump.

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bring in the New Year with some Hotness! Matthew Morrison and Chase Crawford Hang out for New Years

Who would've guessed Chase Crawford and Matthew Morrison were such good pals?? They were spotted yucking it up at Fontainebleau hotel getting ready to bring in the new year.  Apparently the twosome have become quite chummy.  They were also spotted hanging out poolside at the hotel the previous day and also went on a bar crawl at the University of Maryland as well as a pub in London earlier in the year.  Oh, and cannot forget to mention JC Chasez from 'Nsync was also there (for all you boy band lovers out there like myself).  Check out pics after the jump!

Source: JustJaredOhNoTheyDidn't

Holy Shit! New Music From Jo Jo!!!!

Ok is there anything better than a new single from the chick that brought us "Get Out, Leave"? Um, I think not! Jo Jo's new single "Hollywood" has just leaked and let me tell ya, while the song is pretty lame this girl can really belt it out!  But honestly, when you come out the of the gate swinging with a song like "Leave" how can you really top that??  Check it out here!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't