Breaking News on Twilight's Breaking Dawn!

So if you're a huge Twilight fan you're clearly anticipating the final installment of the Saga, Breaking Dawn!  For months now different ideas have been tossed around as to how the film would handle the last book's material as well as how the film would split the book into two parts.  Well you Twihards can stop wondering!  Producer Wyck Godfrey in an interview with USA Today has finally given us some answers to all our pressing Breaking Dawn questions.  Check out what he had to say after the jump!  Keep in mind, the answers are in depth and details the plot and where the first installment of BD will end so if that's a little TMI for then suppose you'll have to wait for the movie folks (but this only really matters if you haven't read the books), but TRUST me, it's some good stuff!  Let me know what you guys think?!

Source: TheHDRoom

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will primarily cover Bella's path to becoming a vampire. The key acts of the film will be the wedding, the honeymoon, and lastly the birth of Renesmee. As Part 1 ends, Bella will be on the cusp of beginning her transformation into a vampire.

Part 1 will also follow Jacob and his own issues away from Bella. The narrative will likely jump from Bella and Edward to Jacob throughout the film.

In regards to the birth scene and achieving a PG-13 rating without compromising the book's presentation, Godfrey explains that the birth has been filmed entirely through Bella's eyes. He calls this decision a compromise; allowing viewers to experience all the pains, blood and bone-crushing delivery through a haze so its not directly explicit to attract an R-rating.

As for the love scene that will result in Bella's pregnancy, Godfrey promises it will not be soft porn but will be "legitimate... romantic and sensual." Soap opera sex scenes are probably a valid comparison.
Godfrey's overall take on Twilight Breaking Dawn is that it needs to be more sophisticated than its predecessors due to the book's maturity. That's what the team behind director Bill Condon is striving for.



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