New Video from New York Band Open Til Midnight

Recently the guys of the up and coming New York based band Open Til Midnight gave us a new video to check out for their song "Circe's Isle".  The band has a great, carefree attitude about things as you can tell from their "About Me" on their site which comments,
We like rock. We like girls. We like girls who rock.  Girls like Matt. And Ross too (we’re not sure why). Jon likes girls who like the drums. Keith likes girls who like Keith. Mike likes girls who break his heart (Mike writes the songs). We like Rock. Tequila. Hip Hop. Chicken Burritos. New York City. Jameson. Thursday night out. Friday night out. Any night out. Passing it around again, again, and again.
The guys really rock out for an acoustic setting and are a lot of fun to watch jam.  Check 'em out!

Source: OTMFacebookPage



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