One Eskimo's Tunes Help Keep You Warm on Those Cold Winter Nights

Leave it to Ellen to not only be an awesome talk show host but to also have awesome taste in music!  On her recent birthday episode she featured one of her favorite bands from London and from the opening guitar rift I fell in love with the guys of One Eskimo ( Adam Falkner (drums), Pete Rinaldi (guitar), and Jamie Sefton (bass and horns)).  With lead singer Kristian Leontiou sounding like a rougher James Blunt in their single "Givin' Up" the band possesses an eclectic sound of pop rock that I really dig.  Check them out on the Ellen show and also check out the album version of "Givin' Up" as well as their singles such as "Amazing" and "Kandi" after the jump!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't



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