Is Coming Out in Hollywood Detrimental to One's Career?


Recently,  Richard Chamberlain Hollywood vet and teen idol from the 60's known for his role on Dr. Kildare expressed to the Advocate his feelings about coming out as a leading man in Hollywood.  Chamberlain commented,

"Personally, I wouldn't advise a gay leading man-type actor to come out."
He furthers comments,

"There's still a tremendous amount of homophobia in our culture" -- adding, "Despite all the wonderful advances that have been made, it's still dangerous for an actor to talk about that."
To me, this issue of leading men not being able to come out is as intricate and equally as messy as Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  On the one hand, it's fucking Hollywood, if there is any town or any profession even that would be accepting of this it should be this.  Then there's the idea that the public will have trouble identifying with a jacked guy who is blowing shit up but is also gay.  If in fact this is true than it could drastically hurt a films numbers and therefore bring the studio down.

But wait, aren't movies a fictional world?  So, if we all know that this overtly macho guy in this movie really isn't killing people with his bare hands than his orientation shouldn't play a part in his ability to play the role and how how much we identify with his character.  Although, Neil Patrick Harris has come out and been able to continuously play womanizing, straight characters with no problem however,  Harris is most certainly in the minority and was basically forced to come out anyway.  There are still a number of leading men rumored to be gay, and if they really are and are hiding it to keep their careers going then Chamberlain, sadly, may be onto something here.  What do you guys think??  And be sure to check out the list of supposedly gay leading men after the jump.

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

John Travolta

Daniel Craig

Supposedly Craig was spotted at a gay club making out with some good looking guy.

Hugh Jackman

Jackman has been rumored to have been in a relationship with former business partner John Palermo.

Jackman with his wife and Palermo

Matthew Morrison

This is rumored to be Morrison

Ok, so here's what kind of bugs me about Morrison.  Now granted it is NO ONES business who you decide to hook up with however, Morrison overcompensates.  He constantly comments on how he is straight and how many women he's hooked up with. Saying thing like,

"There was so much opportunity," he says. "There were all these beautiful, beautiful dancers. As a straight guy I had some room. There were the shared interests in singing and dancing, and I always find dancing with someone very evocative and sexual. I definitely hooked up with a lot of girls when I was a young guy on Broadway. It was exciting. Very joyous and free."

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Kevin Spacey

I think I would rather Morrison, if he is gay handle the situation more like Spacey, who is also rumored to be gay and basically keep his life private and tell the public to fuck off (politely, of course).  Spacey had this to say when prodded about his orientation,

"Look, at the end of the day people have to respect people's differences. I am different than some people would like me to be. I just don't buy into that the personal can be political. I just think that's horseshit. No one's personal life is in the public interest. It's gossip, bottom line. End of story..."



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