Uma Thruman Shows us her Soft and Tough sides New Movie 'Ceremony'!

Uma Thurman known for such classic films as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill: Volumes I and II is the star of Ceremony from newcomer writer turned director, Max Winkler.  And if that last name is sounding kind of familiar then you guessed it!  Max is the son of Henry Winkler "The Fonz"!  The film  revolves around a young writer (Michael Angarano) who falls for a much older woman played by Thurman and attempts to break up her wedding.  "Ceremony" is being produced by Jason Reitman (Up in the Air) who is good friends with Max.  The films seems cute and endearing in a 500 Days of Summer kind of way.  What do you guys think??  Check out Max, Reitman, Thurman and Angarano talking about the film at the Toronto Film Festival.  "Ceremony" is due out in April with a limited release.

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