Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fall Films to Look Forward To

So I know it's only July but what the heck if Gap and every other clothing store known to man can push their fall collections then hopefully you guys won't get angry with me for doing the same!  But after recently seeing some previews when I went to see Inception and saw so many great trailers for the Fall movie season that I just had to share.  So even though it's 90 degrees and humid right now and you're desperately fanning yourself and hydrating with lemonade that is about to slip out of your hand from the condensation; Let the thought of these upcoming films cool you down.  Check out the trailers here!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A More Mature Matt Wertz

Many of you may not know Matt Wertz, but you should.  I came across his music a few years ago thanks to a friend and have now seen him in concert twice.   Matt sounds even more incredible live than on a record.  He's always made great music and has a great presence but with his latest ep While We're Becoming  Matt has really grown up and come a long way from his earlier music sounding a lot like later John Mayer with songs like Somebody New.  This album is about a lot of feelings you go through not just while you're in love but while you live your life.  What's worth noting about Matt is that while he could be a major label recording artist he chooses to stay on the Indie scene and stay focused on the music.  Take a listen to some early Wertz and then the new and see if you feel the change.  I think that while I may like the older Wertz stuff simply because it is so fun and upbeat the new Wertz really touches something deeper and as I grow as person can really relate to.  Whether you like old Matt or new Matt I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tim Halperin and "She Runs" Provide a Perfect Soundtrack for Summer

Tim Halperin, an up and coming artist hailing from Omaha, Nebraska has made a video for his single She Runs.  Not only does the single sound great,  with piano resembling a Gavin DeGraw kind of sound; The beauty of this video is it's simplicity.  Another thing I found interesting about the video is that it was done in one single continuous take.  What makes this video such a jewel to find though, is that in a world where everything is overproduced this song and video are the bare bones and it really makes this an enjoyable experience!  And of course the song itself is super catchy and upbeat.  Kudos Tim Halperin for making music how it should be made. Check out the video:

Monday, July 12, 2010

For TV Series is Three the Magic Number or a Curse?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and that doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to television series.  If a show is not canceled by it's third season (Arrested Development, Veronica Mars) then it has peaked (Entourage, Weeds, Nip/Tuck).  So why is this?  I thought three was the magic number not the downfall of television shows number.  I feel as though these things happen for a couple different reasons.  A reason shows are absolutely wonderful in their third seasons is the chemistry that exist by the cast at this point.  Also, the writers have developed these characters so well by this point that the show is more cohesive and pulls us in more.  So why are shows canceled at this my opinion it's solely marketing.  Time slots are the biggest killers of amazing series.  Anything usually airing on a Friday night is the biggest killer of tv shows and any newer show competing against a well established show is a goner as well. I mean, it's like David versus Goliath.   I think the biggest thing to figure out is how does a show stay fresh and interesting after that third season peak.  I think one way to avoid the curse of the three is to constantly evolve characters.  Just like real people change and grow so should a shows characters.  To stunt their intellectual and emotional maturity is to make the show unrealistic.  Writing tends to be the core of a thriving series despite how good the acting is if there is nothing good being said well then, who cares?  Unfortunately, this isn't the 80's anymore where a quest spot or adding a new character can instantly help a show gain another season.  It's a new time and new generation, so try harder tv peeps.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mike Posner: Is He Cooler Than the Rest of Us?

Now here's someone definitely worth checking out!  Mike Posner is a fresh sound that categorized as Synthpop.  His debut single "Cooler than me" off his forthcoming album 31 Minute to Takeoff is all over the airwaves.  However, I think the non radio version is far superior. With a striking resemblance to Asher Roth (frat boy suburbanite) it's kind of hard to take him seriously but he's got a lot of talent.  While his single is simply a fun introduction his song I'm Still not Over You which samples The Frey's Cable Car really showcases his talent.  Without a doubt I think that Mike Posner is certainly "Cooler than Me." Check out his music here!

New Maroon 5: Beautiful Music or Complete Misery?

With their third studio release, Hands all Over set to be released in Sept. Maroon 5 hit us with their new single "Misery".  The band has this uncanny ability to give us catchy hooks and make us dance.  And with Levine's crooning falsetto how can one deny the likability of this fab 5!  Unfortunately, jusding fromthe single it all still sounds the same.  I sincerely hope that they go back to their roots.  A friend of my recently made the point that Maroon 5 was perfect for when we were in High School but maybe we've just outgrown them.  I may have to agree with that.  However, one positive thing is that they always have masterfully well put together bridges in their songs that never fail to get stuck in your head. Check out the debut song and video from the new album!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Portrait of the Modern Family

Now a days, with shows like Modern Family it is more and more certain that what the ideal family looks like is slowly but surely changing.  It is no longer your textbook definition of the Nuclear Family.  And now comes along the film,  The Kids are All Right.  This is the complicated story of a lesbian couple with two teenage children who decide to find their father.  What was meant to be a quick meet and great with the man who gave them life turns into a full fledged relationship with this man with many interesting twist along the way.  Even though this plot seems simplistic I think that if you look beneath the surface you will find a lot more there: the complexity of a marriage between two women, the affects it has on their kids and how surprisingly normal this family's obstacles are despite their unique situation.  This film is getting a lot of critical acclaim and with a cast like Julianne Moore, Anette Bening and Mark Ruffalo, I would have to agree.  Check out the trailer!

New Spider Man Revealed...Don't Worry He Still Looks Geeky!

Finally Spider Man is revealed and surprisingly, his name is not Peter Parker but rather Andrew Garfield.  Recently, in a press release it was announced that he will be playing the notable superhero in the reboot of the franchise.  Now I know that most people think that is it way too soon to do a reboot and how can this possibly work?!  I on the other hand think that putting a fresh face and story to the Spider Man can really change things and make it interesting again.  Unfortunately, we will have to see if Mr. Garfield has the acting chops to play the geeky yet charismatic Peter Parker.  His resume consist of a lot of critically acclaimed stage performances in London and he will be appearing alongside Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland, Zomblieland) in the upcoming bio pic of facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.  If done correctly I think that the reboot of Spidey will attract a whole new group of fans into its web.

Easy A, Easy to Like

So, I know that trailers can be quite deceiving.  However, I think that this one is clear cut and gives us what is there.  The plot of Easy A is very formulaic: the good guy (or girl in this case; Emma Stone of  The Rocker, Zombieland, House Bunny) after being invisible and picked on finally comes into her own and comes out on top.  I think what makes this movie look great is the combination of a witty story, The Scarlet Letter with our new Hester Prynn not only wearing a red letter A, but rocking red hair as well.  I think that although a movie like this is released about every few months, that this one will outshine the rest; simply because of Stone.  I feel as though Emma Stone can carry a movie.  She's a new type of leading lady that is uniquely pretty but also spunky and blunt.  Take a look at the trailer and see if you agree!