Mike Posner: Is He Cooler Than the Rest of Us?

Now here's someone definitely worth checking out!  Mike Posner is a fresh sound that categorized as Synthpop.  His debut single "Cooler than me" off his forthcoming album 31 Minute to Takeoff is all over the airwaves.  However, I think the non radio version is far superior. With a striking resemblance to Asher Roth (frat boy suburbanite) it's kind of hard to take him seriously but he's got a lot of talent.  While his single is simply a fun introduction his song I'm Still not Over You which samples The Frey's Cable Car really showcases his talent.  Without a doubt I think that Mike Posner is certainly "Cooler than Me." Check out his music here!

Cooler Than Me

I'm Still Not Over You



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