A More Mature Matt Wertz

Many of you may not know Matt Wertz, but you should.  I came across his music a few years ago thanks to a friend and have now seen him in concert twice.   Matt sounds even more incredible live than on a record.  He's always made great music and has a great presence but with his latest ep While We're Becoming  Matt has really grown up and come a long way from his earlier music sounding a lot like later John Mayer with songs like Somebody New.  This album is about a lot of feelings you go through not just while you're in love but while you live your life.  What's worth noting about Matt is that while he could be a major label recording artist he chooses to stay on the Indie scene and stay focused on the music.  Take a listen to some early Wertz and then the new and see if you feel the change.  I think that while I may like the older Wertz stuff simply because it is so fun and upbeat the new Wertz really touches something deeper and as I grow as person can really relate to.  Whether you like old Matt or new Matt I hope you enjoy!

Everything's Right (2004)

Somebody New (2010)

Sing my Lonely Away (2010)

Matt talking about the inspiration for the new songs

 Chillen with Matt after the show show in '06



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