New Maroon 5: Beautiful Music or Complete Misery?

With their third studio release, Hands all Over set to be released in Sept. Maroon 5 hit us with their new single "Misery".  The band has this uncanny ability to give us catchy hooks and make us dance.  And with Levine's crooning falsetto how can one deny the likability of this fab 5!  Unfortunately, jusding fromthe single it all still sounds the same.  I sincerely hope that they go back to their roots.  A friend of my recently made the point that Maroon 5 was perfect for when we were in High School but maybe we've just outgrown them.  I may have to agree with that.  However, one positive thing is that they always have masterfully well put together bridges in their songs that never fail to get stuck in your head. Check out the debut song and video from the new album!



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