Easy A, Easy to Like

So, I know that trailers can be quite deceiving.  However, I think that this one is clear cut and gives us what is there.  The plot of Easy A is very formulaic: the good guy (or girl in this case; Emma Stone of  The Rocker, Zombieland, House Bunny) after being invisible and picked on finally comes into her own and comes out on top.  I think what makes this movie look great is the combination of a witty story, The Scarlet Letter with our new Hester Prynn not only wearing a red letter A, but rocking red hair as well.  I think that although a movie like this is released about every few months, that this one will outshine the rest; simply because of Stone.  I feel as though Emma Stone can carry a movie.  She's a new type of leading lady that is uniquely pretty but also spunky and blunt.  Take a look at the trailer and see if you agree!



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