Fall Films to Look Forward To

So I know it's only July but what the heck if Gap and every other clothing store known to man can push their fall collections then hopefully you guys won't get angry with me for doing the same!  But after recently seeing some previews when I went to see Inception and saw so many great trailers for the Fall movie season that I just had to share.  So even though it's 90 degrees and humid right now and you're desperately fanning yourself and hydrating with lemonade that is about to slip out of your hand from the condensation; Let the thought of these upcoming films cool you down.  Check out the trailers here!

The Town ( release date:Sept. 17, Why will it be good: Ben Afleck, Blake Lively, John Hamm, Jeremy Renner...need I say more)

Welcome to The Rileys (release date:Nov. 5, Why will it be good: Kristen Stewart FINALLY shows us those acting chops and I like it!)

Wallstreet 2 (release date: Sept. 24, Why will it be good: Welcome back Shia!   Oliver Stone creates great stories onscreen and has never disappointed me.)

The Social Network (release date:Oct., Why will it be good: We're al so connected to facebook and how can we not be drawn to this film and Justin Timberlake always is great at adding comic relief)

Unstoppable (Release date: November 12, Why it Will Be Good: Simple storyline, lots of action, Tony Scott and the return of Chris Pine to the big screen)



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