Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Get all Awkward with Jason Sudeikis for the 2011 Mtv Movie Awards

The Twilight stars assisted comedian Jason Sudeikis with some funny skits for this years Mtv Movie Awards. In the skits Sudeikis introduces himself to the stars in the strangest ways possible! Stewart looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and Taylor's skit was super funny!  Check out the promos here and catch the 2011 Mtv Movie awards Sun. June 5!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

David Fincher's 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Red Band Trailer: 'The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas' !

It's finally here guys director David Fncher's (Zodiac, The Social Network) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo red band trailer is upon us! Now this isn't the HD version which is still a few days away but here's an early look! I've gotta say this looks amazing and I'm super excited! In true Fincher fashion the trailer looks gritty and dark and very true to the book!  The film stars Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig and is due out in December. What do you guys think??

Source: Just Jared

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen in '50/50' Trailer

JGL and Rogen play two friends who battle against cancer in their latest film 50/50.  JGL character ( a young, healthy, nerdy type finds out that he has cancer) and his good buddy played by Rogen helps his to cope with the traumatic situation.  Now most likely this is going to have you bawling your eyes out but with Rogen along for the ride be prepared for a lot of laughs as well! Rounding out the cast is Anna Kendrick (Twilight, Up in the Air).  As uncomfortable as an issue like this is to deal with I think that the movie handles it in the most realistic way possible. The plot is loosely based on the life of the film's screenwriter Will Reiser.  What do you guys think of the trailer??

Source: Just Jared

Glee's Harry Shum Jr.Goes all Wong Fu on Our Asses with Hilarious Videos from Wong Fu Productions!

While the second season of Fox's hit show may be over the stars are still busy with other projects to keep us entertained! Harry Shum Jr. who plays Mike Chang recently did some videos with Wong Fu Productions who is a popular Youtube production company. In the videos Shum finds himself the most outrageous situations! One of the videos also features famous photographer Tyler Shields. I thought these were great and wanted to share them with you guys! So what do you think??

** Check out another video after the jump!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Throwback Video of the Week

This week's throwback is one of my favorite old school videos! Aqua instantly solidified itself as a 90's one-hit wonder with their single "Barbie Girl".   The hit single from their 1997 album Aquarium left quite an impression on the pop culture scene. So in honor of the song here are some random facts about Aqua that you may not have known or maybe just never wanted to know in the first place!

-They're from Denmark

-They are highest selling Danish band of all time!

-Mattel toy company actually sued the band for having "damaged the reputation of the Barbie brand."

-Aqua is ranked 24 out of 100 'Best Broken Up Bands Ever'

A Look Inside Lady Gaga in MTV Special: 'Inside the Outside'

In the special Gaga fills us in on her youth and really allows to understand why she is the person that she is. The special is AMAZING and reminds me a lot of when MTV did the Britney Spears: For the Record documentary back in 2008. Gaga comments on when she knew for sure that she wanted to be star,

"I've never told Beyonce this," but I remember laying on my grandmother's couch crying and a Destiny's Child video came on, and I remember watching Beyonce and thinking, 'she's a star- I want that. I want to be on MTV,' and now I'm in music videos with Beyonce."

**Check out the rest of the Special after the jump!

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More 'True Blood' Season4 Posters!

Now while the promo poster for the upcoming season of the HBO hit series just debut we now have character posters for the season and I gotta say, they're pretty sweet! Check out all the cast members you love, SookieBill, Tara, Lafayette, Sam and Jason! What do you guys think of the new posters of the characters showing their 'True Colors'??

**More poster after the jump!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Todrick Hall Wants to Be on 'Glee' !

Former American Idol contestant Todrick Hall from Arlington, TX is campaigning to be one Glee.  Like a lot of Idol contestants out there who fall short of the big prize this guy has TONS of talent! He made an AWESOME video in order to rally support for him to be on the FOX hit show! And he instantly won me over! The video is funny, catchy and really showcases all of Todrick's various talents and his name is TODRICK, come on!!! So I think this kid is awesome but the big question is, do you?!

**Also check out one of Todrick's AMAZING original songs geared toward the 'It Gets Better' Campaign after the jump!

Source: Loveelizabethany

Bradley Cooper on the Cover of Esquire!

The Hangover 2 star took some scandalous pics for this months upcoming issue of Esquire.  In the issue Bradley talks about his other projects as well as moving his Mom out to LA. I must say, Cooper is looking pretty spiffy in the new issue.  So are you guys excited for Hangover 2 this weekend??!

**Check out more photos after the jump!

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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown 'Look at Me Now' Performance!

With all the amazing covers of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now" surfacing I thought it only fair that Biebs be added to this list! A while back he actually performed the song with Chris in Australia. The kid's got a sick flow and it made for one fun performance! What to you guys think?!

A Behind the Scenes Look at Joe Jonas' 'See No More'

The JoBro recently tweeted,

joe jonas
I wanted to give you guys the first look behind the scenes of 

Jonas' new  single is set to debut on June 3rd followed by the album this Fall titled Fast Life. The single feat. Chris Brown definitely has a different sound. What do you guys think??

True Blood Season 4 Poster and Trailer!

June 26th CANNOT come soon enough! To get us pumped up for the upcoming season of the HBO hit show True Blood the season's poster and official trailer have been released! And this season is looking better than EVER! We get some wild stuff going on with witches and as always it's always hard to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad one's! Are you guys ready for another season of one's of the most exciting shows on television?!

**Larger image  and trailer after the jump!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RBR Interview with Dustin Zito of Real World Las Vegas

For those of you watching Real World Season XXV Las Vegas I had a chance to chat with Dustin Zito; The charmer from down South who had the ladies swooning form the moment he stepped into the house. Little did we know there was more to Dustin then just the good looks and catch phrases like 'Everdom'! Dustin had a past that he was forced to come to grips with on the show and face head on. I think that in spite of things he handled the situation about as well as anyone in that situation could have.  Dustin adds great  comedic moments to the show without even trying and is DEF one reason to tune into this season's Real World. Check out our interview where Dustin discusses if he'd ever do a RW/RR Challenge and fills us in on who his favorite Real World Alum is!

Reality by Rach: Where were you/what were you doing when you found out that you had been cast on the show?
Dustin Zito: I was in front of my computer taping the whole thing while on the Phone!

RBR: Favorite things to do in Vegas?
DZ: I guess I would have to say go out even though that's kinda obvious. But hey its Vegas right?!!

RBR: So your quotes from the show are becoming quite infamous...especially on Twitter! Ever consider putting a book of 'Zitoisms' together??
DZ: Yeah i would like to put it in a book! But I wanted to do a book anyway!! It's been a crazy 25 years and I think it would come out to be pretty interesting on paper! 

Glee Serenades Us Farewell For Now

So the season finale of Glee is finally here! After a long awaited (22 episodes that felt more like 100, but in a good way!) the highly anticipated 'New York' episode of the show made its debut! So how was it??

Well, first off, let's talk about how many things I was wrong about/didn't see coming!  So let's start with Mr. Shue deciding not to go on Broadway. Then we have the Glee Club not winning Nationals! That was such a wtf moment! After making it seem all season that this was the year, New Directions fell short at Nationals placing twelfth. I suppose the shows' creator Ryan Murphy is saving that epic event for next season and I believe it'll be worth the wait! Next up, Sam and Mercedes are dating (can't wait to see how that unfolds next season)!  And lastly, the tables seemed to have turned in the relationship of the oh-so-adorable Kurt and Blaine.  Blaine seems to be head over heels for Kurt now and Kurt seems to be a little more relaxed in the relationship when it was he at first who was smitten by the dark haired crooner with the big lips!

So now that that's out of the way let's get to the good stuff, and there was A LOT of it. From the start of this episode I was hooked. The swooping shots of New York, the music (yes, its been done before but it's breath taking every time) and it just goes to show what a remarkable city New York is.  Another brilliant scene was Will's performance at the theater when he goes to rehearse for April's show. Matthew Morrison really seemed to be in his element and it made for GREAT television!  Also, Kurt and Rachel's relationship has really grown on me and I love their interactions.  They both was to accomplish their dreams so badly that it's hard to believe these aren't real people trying to accomplish something that so many hope for! I also really enjoyed the scene where Finn and Rachel were serenaded by the guys on their date. I love my Rom Coms but it was amusing to watch the show slightly poke fun at them.

Lastly, let's talk music! I've gotta say, I was shocked that the show was doing more original songs. It was a HUGE deal to do it once in a season!  I was worried that it wouldn't be as good or as charming the second time around but boy was I wrong.  They were incredible! It was also fun to see the show pay tribute to broadway hits like Wiked as well. So what did you guys think of the finale? I give this episode an A+ for rocking out in The Big Apple! And this season as a whole gets a B+ for not letting me down even though it has DRASTICALLY changed since last season. Are you guys already wanting more because I know I do?! Ah well, farewell for now Glee I'm sure I'll be singing along and dancing like a dork in my living room to your wonderful show again soon enough!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis 'Friends with Benefits' Posters Revealed!

In the film Timberlake and Kunis play friends who decide to have a no-strings-attached relationship until one falls for the other.  The films looks ABSOLUTELY hilarious and if these posters are any indication then it's definitely going to be full of laughs! friends with Benefits also stars Andy Samberg, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone! The film comes our way July 22!

**Larger images after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

'X-Men: First Class' Photocall in London Plus Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Check out Zoe Kravitz, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy in London promoting their new film X-Men: First Class. Also check out some behind the scenes interviews with some of the films' other stars Jennifer Lawrence who plays Mystique and Nicholas Hoult who plays Beast.  Are you guys excited to check out the back story of our X-Men? The newest X-Men film comes our way June 3rd!

**More photos after the jump!

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Alexander Skargard Grocery Run and Trailer for 'Melancholia'

The towering blond from True Blood was seen out and about running some errands. Skarsgard kept low-key with some shades and a beanie.  Besides picking up some food the Nordic actor also stars in Lars Von Trier's upcoming film Melancholia.  The film is being described as  "A beautiful movie about the end of the world".  The film also stars Kirsten Dunst and none other then Stellan Skarsgard, Alexander's father and famous Swedish actor.

**More photos after the jump!

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'Jersey Shore's' Ronnie and Sammi are Back Together!

Sorry for the Season 4 spoiler guys but had to do it!  Despite have a rocky time with their relationship last Season (and that's an understatement) the dynamic duo from Jersey Shore Ronnie and Sammi were spotted back together heading to Pizzaria in Florence. These guys seemed to be pretty happy on their way to dinner holding hands and smiling. Check out more photos after the jump!

Source: OhNoTheydidn't

Monday, May 23, 2011

'The Muppets' Teaser Trailer!

The most ADORABLE movie, with the most ADORABLE people EVER finally has a teaser trailer! The Muppet Movie starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams has just released its teaser trailer and I gotta say, it looks pretty darn funny! I wasn't expecting to much but when you have Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy how can you go wrong?! Check out the trailer and let me know what you think! The Muppet Movie comes to theaters this Thanksgiving!

**Larger image and trailer after the jump!

Source: Collider

Glee Live Tour!

For those of you out there who, like me, couldn't afford tickets to the 'Glee Live Tour' then here's the next best thing! Here are some official photos from opening night in Vegas just the other day as well as the complete set list. I'm pretty excited about the tour and think the show will translate well to the stage! The cast will also be joined on the tour with special guest Darren Criss and The Warblers.

**Check out more photos of the cast a and their Set List after the jump!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

RBR Billboard Music Awards Recap: Beyonce, Biebs and Rihanna and Britney Team Up for one Wild Performance!

For those of you who didn't have a chance to see the performance from the 2011 Billboard Music Awards or just want to watch the performances again look no further! Also featured are the adorable Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.  Biebs came out a big winner at tonight's awards.  We also got some AMAZING  performances form the Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, and Britney and Ri Ri teamed up for their version of S&M.  What was your guys favorite performance or musician at the award show tonight?

**Check out More photos and performances after the jump!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Throwback Video of the Week

The 'Princess of Pop' recently commented to blogger, Just Jared that "Overprotected" is her favorite video. So in honor of this news I thought for this weeks' Throwback Video of the Week I would share my fave Brit Brit video with you guys! So drum roll please..... my pick is "Toxic"! This hit from 2003 is just awesome! The dance moves, the song itself and seeing Brit carry herself with such self confidence is amazing. And most importantly, it's just so damn fun! What is your guys' favorite Britney Spears' video??

**I also posted "Overprotected" after the jump! For those who haven't seen it in a while be stoked because it's GREAT!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

'Horrible Bosses' Trailer and Posters

I am actually super excited for this film and think it looks pretty hilarious. With a plot that revolves around three idiots ( Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis and Charlie Day) trying to kill off their evil super villainesque bosses ( Jennifer Anniston, Colin Farell and Kevin Spacey), how could this NOT be funny?! The plot is utterly ridiculous but somehow works and it seems like a perfect role to see Anniston in.  Horrible Bosses also stars Jamie Foxx and hits theaters July 8th. What do you guys think?

**More posters after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

Sarah Michelle Gellar 'The Ringer' Preview and Clips!

Sarah Michelle Gellar FINALLY makes her return to tv in her new show The Ringer.  In the show Gellar plays a woman who ends up REALLY going down the wrong path and with things DEFINITELY not ending how she expected.  Gellar commented,

“With Buffy [the Vampire Slayer], I got to do so much. So what do you do next? What do you do that an audience hasn’t seen you do? But bringing to life two characters and making them different, but at the same time interesting, and [showing] the similarities is definitely a challenge I’ve never done,”

The Ringer comes to the CW this Fall. What do you guys think?  Happy to see Gellar back on the small screen??

**More Clips after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

Justin Timberlake and Gaga get Friendly During SNL Rehearsals!

Lady Gaga recently shared with us via twitter an adorable pic of her and Justin hanging out while working on the SNL finale together! I'm So excited the SNL finale airing this weekend. Justin always delivers hilarious skits and Gaga preforming "Judas" is equally as exciting! Are you guys staying in over the weekend for once to catch this duo?

Lady Gaga
 - Don't be jealous ladies ;). I laughed so hard today I cried. 

**Larger image after the jump!

Darren Criss Gets all Fancy in GQ

The Glee star will be featured in an upcoming spread in the magazine on how to go formal and get fancy.  Darren Criss is featured rocking all sorts of suit and formal attire as only he could.   Only Criss could make dressing up look like so much fun! I love this guys and am psyched to pick up my copy.  What do you guys think??

**More photos after the jump!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Look: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in 'The Hunger Games'

Now this is supposedly the image being used on and Entertainment Weekly cover coming soon.  Lionsgate, the people behind the film have yet to confirm the image of Lawrence as Katniss yet but I think it's pretty badass!  Also starring in the film is one of my FAVORITE actors Stanley Tucci. For those who have read The Hunger Games what are your thoughts?? Are you excited for the films?

**Larger image after the jump!

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Glee 'Funeral' Episode Recap/Review

At first I wasn't quite sure what to make of this week's episode of Glee.  But the more I thought I about the more I decided while I may not have liked everything about it there a few things that came together quite nicely in the in.  When Mr. Shue decides to hire Jesse Saint James, former Vocal Adrenaline member as the Glee Clubs' Show Choir Consultant it leads to nothing but trouble. He forces Mr. Shue to hold a competition to see who will be singing the solo at Nationals. Of course, Jesse thinks Rachel is the best; However, in the end what was neat about the whole competition is that it has brought everything full circle.  After Mercedes performance Mr. Shue comments, "Thank you for doing that song Mercedes.  It reminds me of when you first audition and how good you were then and it shows me how far we've come. " When all is said and done it is decided that the Glee Club will write more original songs for their Set List at Nationals.

Also, in this episode we come to find out that Sue's sister who has Down Syndrome has passed away. Sue has trouble dealing with this as she was so close to her sister and the club offers to help plan her sisters' funeral.  The club performs a sad but great rendition of "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka. Lastly, there were two big surprises thrown at us as the Season winds down.  First, after Finn breaks up with Quinn we find out that she has something up her sleeve planned for NY and so does Mr. Shue!  It's turns out that he is going to perform in April Rhodes show after all and has no intention of telling the kids since he plans on returning to school in the Fall anyway.

Now onto the music.  Although this episode took a while to bring us the tunes what I found cool about it was that it was like the very first episode when everyone auditioned.  It was neat to see some of the cast perform individually but as Mr. Shue pointed out they are MUCH better a whole unit.  Some of my favorites from this episode were Santana's "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse and of course Mercedes "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding ( I just love that song!).  I give this ep. a C+, it was sad but had some great songs!

**Check out all the performances after the jump!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GQ Gets Our Summer off to a Great Start with True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard!

The True Blood star  gets our Summer started right on the cover of the June issue of GQ! In the issue we learn a lot about the actor as well as his upcoming project Straw Dogs in which he co-stars with girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

On his dad, Stellan, who’s also an actor: “I don’t think I came to acting to compete with my father. But, you know, he wasn’t around as much as normal dads, and seeing his passion … Maybe it was a way to get his attention. I mean, if anything, we’re trying to take care of him. He’s over the hill.”

On life in L.A. and the entertainment industry: “Hollywood can be like kids playing marbles on the schoolyard. Everybody wants the shiny marble until one kid says he doesn’t. Then nobody will touch it. So it’s important that I make good decisions now.”

Straw Dogs director Rod Lurie on co-stars and real-life couple Alexander and Kate Bosworth: “In the beginning [of filming the rape scene], Kate would be crying after every take and Alex would try to comfort her. By the end, everybody got really raw.”

**More photos after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

'Playboy Club' Preview: Being Rich and Powerful isn't as Fun as it Seems!

The show heading to NBC stars Eddie Cibrian and Jenna Dewan and focuses on the drama surrounding a group of girls who become like a family under the strange circumstances of their unique job at the Playboy Club. Check out the preview below! What do you guys think? Will you be lured in to the Playboy Club this Fall?

“It’s the early ’60s, and the legendary Playboy Club in Chicago is the door to all your fantasies… and the key is the most sought after status symbol of its time.”

Source: Just Jared

Bradley Cooper Stops by Ellen!

The star of the upcoming Hangover 2 stopped by Ellen to talk about the sequel but while he was there Ellen has something else  on her mind to chat about about! She devoted time convincing Cooper to campaign for this years' "Sexiest Man Alive" title given out by People. Now while we don't need any convincing, Cooper sure did!  Check out the hilarious interview here.

Source: EllenTV

Sidney Crosby, Jordan Staal and Max Talbot at Cannes

Some of the hockey stars of the Pittsburgh Penguins spent their down time at the Cannes Film Festival checking out  the short film, Trophy Wife. They also attended an after party where they hung out with Soprano's star Jamie Lynn Sigler. It's always nice to see the players dressed up and in something other than their uniforms!  Check out more photos of Sid, Max and Jordan after the jump.

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shia LaBeouf on Ellen!

Shia stopped by Ellen today to talk about his Mom, getting into bar fights and of course Transformers: Dark of Moon.  It was nice to see the rugged, 'bad boy' actor in an interview since it's been quite a while since he done an interview.  He commented, "this is my favorite script yet" and LaBeouf also expressed that he was quite impressed with newcomer Rosie Huntington acting skills. The latest installment of the Transformers franchise hits theaters July 1, 2011.

Source: EllenTV

Scott Herman is One 'Tough Mudder'

Recently, the Real World:Brooklyn alum Scott Herman participated in a fitness challenge called the 'Though Mudder' which took place in Vermont. The challenge encapsulate the idea of team work and the focus isn't on finishing first but just finishing, together, as a team.  I just thought that this whole thing was really cool and wanted to share it with you guys! The event looks pretty amazing and while I dunno if I'm one 'tough mudder' I would sure like to head up Vermont to try! You can also check out an interview I did with Scott back in March when I had the chance to meet up with him in Ohio at the Arnold Classic Fitness Event.  And learn more about Scott and Scott Herman Fitness and his goal to teach fitness to the world on his SHF site!

Here's what Scott had to say about the event,

I had the honor to compete in the Vermont "Tough Mudder" Challenge with some fellow Reality TV Stars. All the money raised for the event went to the "Wounded Warrior Project" which helps provide prosthetic bodyparts to our soldiers who come home wounded from war. There were over 3,000 people at the Vermont Tough Mudder and all the teams together raised over 180,000K.

Check out footage from the event taken by Scott's girlfriend Erica!

Scott's Teammates:

Scott Herman (Me): Real World: Brooklyn! "Season 21"
Alfredo Dinten: The Biggest Loser "Season 10"
Brendan Donovan: The Biggest Loser "Season 10"
Kasey Kahl: The Bachelorette "Season 6"
Tyler Vermette: The Bachelorette "Season 6"
Chris Lambton: The Bachelorette "Season 6"
Michelle Costa: Big Brother "Season 10"
Dave Johnson: Survivor: The Amazon "Season 6"
Kate McCaughey: Miss Rhode Island USA 2011

Not on TV, but STARS in our books!

Amanda Ricci
Kevin Shaw
Ryan Jacobson
Greg Mara
Zachary Allen

Another Jo Bro Steps Out on His Own: Joe Jonas' New Album, 'See No More'

Following in his brother Nick's footsteps another Jo Bro is about to release his own solo album. "See No More", the debut single from Joe Jonas' album of the same title will be coming our way June 3rd! And while Joe may be following in Nick Jonas' music making footsteps See No More seems like it will be a much different kind of album than his brothers.  And if this is any indication on HOW different,  the lead single was co-written by Chris Brown and produced by Brian Kennedy. Here's what Joe had to say about his album,

"Working on this album has been a rewarding but intense experience. 'See No More' especially carries a lot of personal emotions with it and I am hoping people listening to it will get a sense of where I'm coming from with this new sound.  I've had an awesome team working with me on the music and I am excited, anxious, but more importantly... ready... to share it all with my fans. It's as much for them as it is for me."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Naya Rivera Gleeful at GLAAD Media Awards!

The 24-year-old Glee star hosted the event held in San Francisco over the weekend and was totally pumped to be there! The GLAAD Media awards celebrate fair representations of the LGBT community.

Rivera cracked tons of jokes including "We've been called 'the gayest show on television'...I'm sure they meant that in a good way though." Naya was well received and just like the rest of us she's excited about her character Santana's storyline and how it pans out. Check out Naya Rivera's opening monologue here...get ready for lots of laughs with 'some sweet lady kisses' thrown in as well!

Source: Just Jared

Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin in 'Fright Night' Trailer

The Irish heart throb and rising star sink their teeth into this remake of a classic 1985 film.  Fright Night feels a lot like Disturbia meet Lost Boys and I have NO problem with that! Fright Night hits theaters Aug. 19!  Check out the trailer and let me know what you think!

Source: OhNoTheyDidn't

Chord Overstreet Rocks Badass New Hairdoat Wango Tango Event!

So it seems that Dianna Agron isn't the only Glee star changing here look as Season 2 has finally wrapped! Chord Overstreet has ditched the blond shaggy locks for a shorter and darker look!  He debuted the new look at the 2011 Wango Tango Event at the Staples Center in LA and I gotta say, it's looking pretty damn good! How are you guys feeling about Chord's new look?! Check out MORE photos after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zac Efron Looking Dapper at LA Family Housing Awards

The event held at The Magic Box Theater was hosted by George Lopez.  LA Family Housing helps families transition out of homelessness and poverty through a continuum of housing enriched with supportive services. Efron spent time with Event Chair Blair Rich as well as some of the families in attendance. Check out more photos from the event after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden in 'Straw Dogs' Trailer

Straw Dogs is a remake of the 1971 groundbreaking film from director  Sam Peckinpah, starring Dustin Hoffman and Susan George. The psychological thriller revolves around the twisted relationship of a couple (Marsden and Bosworth) that decide to move to the country and live where the Bosworth's character grew up.  However, they run into some issues with some of the locals, one in particular (Skarsgard) who seem to want to cause them trouble.  Things get pretty heated and escalate quickly!

The original film came out during the time of films such as Last House on the Left, A Clockwork Orange and Dirty Harry.  It was criticized for it's extreme examples of violence.  So as you can see, we are DEFINITELY in for a wild ride! Straw Dogs comes out September 16th!  What do you guys think??

Source: Just Jared

Friday, May 13, 2011

Throwback Video of the Week

In honor of Summer being upon us I had to pay tribute to the warm months ahead with none other then LFO (Light Funky One's) hit from 1999 "Summer Girls".  With it's classic lines like "I like that wear Abercrombie and Fitch" and "I'll steal your honey like I stole your bike!" it's hard to resist blasting it form your speakers as you ride around town.  I saw these guys back in the day and gotta say I had a BLAST! I LOVED every song on that album not just this single (that's dedication!). I hope you guys enjoy this and that LFO gets your Summer off to a great start!

Brad Pitt in 'Tree of Life' Tralier

Pitt's latest endeavor follows the journey of man (Sean Penn) and his struggle to figure out his relationship with his father (Brad Pitt).  We see a lot of flashbacks of Penn's charqter as kid and dealing with his Dad.  Tree of Life is set to debut at Cannes and also stars Jessica Chastain.  The cinematography on this film is extraordinary so enjoy the trailer!

**Check out a clip from the film after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

Dianna's New Do!

Check out the pic from Celeb Photographer Tyler Shields.

With Season 2 of Glee wrapping the star decided it was time for a change! Agron, decided it was long overdo for her new short hairdo!  She shared with fans on her blog a video of the epic experience. I think it looks AWESOME! Your thoughts??

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Will Ferrell in 'Everything Must Go' Trailer

In a role much like the part he played in Stranger Than Fiction, Will Ferrell once again tackles a character that isn't a caricature but an actual real person with real problems!  In his latest film, Everything Must Go, Ferrell plays a guy having the WORST day EVER and that's an understatement. His character loses his job, his wife and his home all in one day! However, it's not all bad news for Ferrell as it turns out in the end that losing everything will help him to gain the most important thing of all, himself.

The screenplay is adapted from Raymond Carver's short story.  Carver,  who played a part in revitalizing short story fiction in the 80's is one of my writers that I had the opportunity to read while in school and if the trailer is any indication then this film seems like a wonderful adaptation! Check out the trailer here! What do you think??

Glee Cast Covers 'The Hollywood Reporter'

In this special issue tons of fun details and pics are revealed about Season 2's finale episode in NY! Now while the pics are hilarious and the musical numbers should be a blast the most interesting bit of news I found out was that this was the most EXPENSIVE of Glee yet! Are you guys as excited as I am for the finale?! Check more photos after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis on the Set of 'Ted'

The two took a ride on one of the historic Boston Swan Boats to film a romantic scene for their upcoming movie Ted.  Wahlberg and Kunis had to remain cuddly wile braving chilly temperatures for their scene.  Ted is set to be released in July 2012!  Check out more photos after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

Orlando Bloom Looking Badass While Running Errands!

This 33-year-old actor certainly doesn't look your typical Dad. While running errands the other day Bloom was sported a sweet leather jacket and took his  motorcycle out for a ride.  Check out this adorable guy on his bike in TONS of pictures after the jump!

Source: Just Jared

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RBR New Music Playlist!

So if you're like me, you always want MORE new music to listen to! So I thought I'd share what's I've been listening to non-stop over the past week in hopes that you'll find something to add to your playlist! Enjoy!

First up, Panic at the Disco! "Ready to Go!"
I just LOVE these guys. They are always changing their sound and style and and with flawless transition! Their latest single 'Ready to Go!' is an up tempo track to get your foot tapping or get through a traffic jam.

Next up, Indie Band The Cab and their song "Bounce"
This band really know how to get you going! With catchy hooks and and a beat to make you well...bounce it's hard not to have this one on repeat on your ipod. Love the sweet concept for this video as well!

And last but certainly NOT least Ellie Goulding "Lights"
This song is just simply put, amazing.  It's melodic and her voice has you mesmerized from start to finish. I first heard this on a Nike commercial that Glee's Lea Michele did and couldn't stop listening and I'm sure you'll feel the same way!