RBR Interview with Dustin Zito of Real World Las Vegas

For those of you watching Real World Season XXV Las Vegas I had a chance to chat with Dustin Zito; The charmer from down South who had the ladies swooning form the moment he stepped into the house. Little did we know there was more to Dustin then just the good looks and catch phrases like 'Everdom'! Dustin had a past that he was forced to come to grips with on the show and face head on. I think that in spite of things he handled the situation about as well as anyone in that situation could have.  Dustin adds great  comedic moments to the show without even trying and is DEF one reason to tune into this season's Real World. Check out our interview where Dustin discusses if he'd ever do a RW/RR Challenge and fills us in on who his favorite Real World Alum is!

Reality by Rach: Where were you/what were you doing when you found out that you had been cast on the show?
Dustin Zito: I was in front of my computer taping the whole thing while on the Phone!

RBR: Favorite things to do in Vegas?
DZ: I guess I would have to say go out even though that's kinda obvious. But hey its Vegas right?!!

RBR: So your quotes from the show are becoming quite infamous...especially on Twitter! Ever consider putting a book of 'Zitoisms' together??
DZ: Yeah i would like to put it in a book! But I wanted to do a book anyway!! It's been a crazy 25 years and I think it would come out to be pretty interesting on paper! 

RBR: After spending so many months together did you grow close with your roommates ? Do you guys still keep in touch??
DZ: I am proud to say that i am an Honorary member of the 'Princess Pad'! That's Heather, Nany and Naomi's room. Those are my girls and I look after them on any events or gatherings we do together. I love them!

RBR: Any regrets from the show?
DZ: I wish I could have been able to tell my secret to my roommates on my own terms.

RBR: Would you ever consider doing a Road Rules/Real World Challenge?
DZ: I would love to!! I'm into those kinds of activities!!

RBR: Who is your FAVE Real World Alum?
DZ: Heather...

RBR: Do you have any Real World episode watching traditions (like having people over, 'dreeting (which for those of you who don't know is Dustin's term for tweeting)...so on lol)?
DZ: OH! Every week! I get all my friends together and we pregame...watch the show...then go out and celebrate!! Best nights of my life!

RBR: How has your life changed since being on the Real World??
DZ: Not too much! I dont allow myself to notice the difference. I still live in my own little world but now there is a twist!



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