Glee Serenades Us Farewell For Now

So the season finale of Glee is finally here! After a long awaited (22 episodes that felt more like 100, but in a good way!) the highly anticipated 'New York' episode of the show made its debut! So how was it??

Well, first off, let's talk about how many things I was wrong about/didn't see coming!  So let's start with Mr. Shue deciding not to go on Broadway. Then we have the Glee Club not winning Nationals! That was such a wtf moment! After making it seem all season that this was the year, New Directions fell short at Nationals placing twelfth. I suppose the shows' creator Ryan Murphy is saving that epic event for next season and I believe it'll be worth the wait! Next up, Sam and Mercedes are dating (can't wait to see how that unfolds next season)!  And lastly, the tables seemed to have turned in the relationship of the oh-so-adorable Kurt and Blaine.  Blaine seems to be head over heels for Kurt now and Kurt seems to be a little more relaxed in the relationship when it was he at first who was smitten by the dark haired crooner with the big lips!

So now that that's out of the way let's get to the good stuff, and there was A LOT of it. From the start of this episode I was hooked. The swooping shots of New York, the music (yes, its been done before but it's breath taking every time) and it just goes to show what a remarkable city New York is.  Another brilliant scene was Will's performance at the theater when he goes to rehearse for April's show. Matthew Morrison really seemed to be in his element and it made for GREAT television!  Also, Kurt and Rachel's relationship has really grown on me and I love their interactions.  They both was to accomplish their dreams so badly that it's hard to believe these aren't real people trying to accomplish something that so many hope for! I also really enjoyed the scene where Finn and Rachel were serenaded by the guys on their date. I love my Rom Coms but it was amusing to watch the show slightly poke fun at them.

Lastly, let's talk music! I've gotta say, I was shocked that the show was doing more original songs. It was a HUGE deal to do it once in a season!  I was worried that it wouldn't be as good or as charming the second time around but boy was I wrong.  They were incredible! It was also fun to see the show pay tribute to broadway hits like Wiked as well. So what did you guys think of the finale? I give this episode an A+ for rocking out in The Big Apple! And this season as a whole gets a B+ for not letting me down even though it has DRASTICALLY changed since last season. Are you guys already wanting more because I know I do?! Ah well, farewell for now Glee I'm sure I'll be singing along and dancing like a dork in my living room to your wonderful show again soon enough!



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