Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Social Media Detox Day 5

So here we are, Day 5 really in the thick of things. So I suppose this is the point where I start to ask myself, 'what am I really accomplishing by doing this?' In these brief couple of days I've actually done more writing than I've done in an ENTIRE months' time. So there's a start! I've also been keeping up with current events on my own and piecing together the facts the best I can to truly understand what is going on politically. I'm working on breaking the mold of creating my own political story line that fits my narrative and trying to see things from all angles. 

I've also just been reading more in general, listening to more podcast and just engaging more in the real world. It seems that there's no denying that our social media engagement effects how we go about our daily lives. Today, I woke up to a hilarious text from a friend who deleted the Facebook app off their because they could no longer be entangled in a political battle with others on social media. 

So much of who we are and how we engage is so public now. In fact, online presence on social media may be part of a way that immigrants will be vetted. According to CNN, White House policy director Stephen Miller that Trump administration officials are discussing the possibility of asking foreign visitors to disclose all websites and social media sites

So with this all this mind today's takeaway from my social media detox is a set of rules (more like suggestions) that I'm going to do my best to abide by upon my return to social media use. After giving it a lot of thought I decided the best and healthiest way to be a part of social media and create an enjoyable online and real life experience that align more with each other. So here they are!


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