Social Media Detox Day 6

So Day 6 has come around rather quickly and on today's post since I spent a lot of time bashing certain aspects of social media I thought I'd take some time out to share what I actually enjoy about it. To be clear, I know it sounds like I'm doing a lot of hating on social but honestly, I'm just trying to look at it through a new lens and see if there's a better use of our time on it. Which brings me to connection. These social media site connect us and I think that is so powerful. Via social media we can learn concepts we've never dreamed up, see our favorite artist sing a song or read a poem, and get a glimpse of what it's like in places a world away from us and I see value in that. 

Me and the Rents

I see the value in the human connection. I think it makes us feel less lonely having a bond with people on social media. To me, it especially means a lot since losing my parents a few years ago. For me it's amazing to know that there's still a community out there for you when you may at times feel like you don't have one and that is so powerful. 



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