Going Against The Grain: Defying Gender Norms in Today's Society

Lena Dunham on Variety's Power of Women Cover

There's a new trend going on nowadays. And it's pretty hard to miss. Short hair, minimal makeup, jean wearing girls. Yes, girls! Shocking, I know right?  And I guess I bring this up in lieu of all the the discussion surrounding the huge Bruce Jenner interview that just occurred.  I feel like there is no better time than the present to have in depth and meaningful conversations about gender norms and what's expected of us versus what we want and feel comfortable with.

Those who know me know I'm certainly the furthest thing from your stereotypical 'girly-girl'.  I have zero interest in spending hours putting gunk on my face, 'accessorising', or getting a 'mani-pedi.  Nor do I envision myself as the doting wife who always has a perfectly almost Martha Stewart-esque type kept home and dinner ready for her husband when he gets home. But just be to be clear I don't think there is anything wrong with women who express those points of views or value those ways of life.

However, there is sadly still a stigma attached to women like myself for whom tend to not value these things or have a desire to raise children or be a nurturing force in someone's life. And although I may not fall into the typical categories women fall into 'dainty' 'soft spoken' 'a wearer of dresses' 'lover of pink colored drinks' 'graceful' doesn't mean that with every fiber of my being that I'm not proud to be a woman.  A goofy, occasionally dress wearing and strong woman.

And I think it's time we begin to set an example for our youth that it's okay to like or appreciate things that don't  align with what your gender is stereotypically suppose to like. It's time we create  an environment where people are comfortable expressing their true selves.  Because living in a society where freedom of expression is subject to certain preconceived notions of what is 'normal' isn't really living.  So lastly, I just want to say let your 'freak' flag fly and go boldly and unapologetically out into world as your true self, one that you are proud of!



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