The Heathers:: The Story About A Generation No One Heard Until They Went Out With A Bang

Wow, let me just start of by saying this movie is is dark. A dark comedy, yes, but still pretty fucking dark and I can't believe I first watched this when I was probably 12 or 13 (thank god my parents installed good morals and high self worth in me at a young age). So for this week's throwback thursday video I'm discussing The Heathers.

Together director Michael Lehmann and writer Daniel Waters create a satirical look at the high school hierarchy. However, I think the film actually tackles an even bigger self inflicted societal wound which is our youth not being ignored. Especially by the adults around us.

There's this great reiterate scene in the film where Winona Ryder's character Veronica sits down to dinner with her parents and they accomplish absolutely nothing with their conversations. She flats calls her Dad an idiot but this is glosses over and given an adoring look from her mother.

Despite the dark nature of the film dealing with teen suicide I think the film had this amazing way of making light of the turmoil one goes through in high school. This is shown best through Christian Laters character JD. who I almost want to believe is a figment of Veronica's imagination or at least this embodiment of our morbid thoughts that we would never actually want to come true.
JD and Veronica are like a new, young and hip Bonnie Clyde which really makes the film interesting. 

In the end, I feel like one walks away from this film wondering A) Am I heartless if laughed at most of this stuff? And B) Does Veronica actually have remorse for what she's  done or is she just happy to finally be free of the societal shackles of the high school ranking system??



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