Why 'We Are Your Friends' could be more than just a movie about wannabe dj's

It seems like 'millennials' much like generations that have come before them are  drastically misunderstood. Being a part of a generation that would prefer to work for themselves, set their own rules and make an impact doesn't seemed that far fetched.  However, words like 'lazy', 'selfish' and 'entitled' are words most often used to described this generation.

So why is this generation not those things. That's a questions I'm desperately seeking an answer for.  I can't speak for a whole generations but for me it comes down to the simple point that creativity fuels me.  I'm inspired and excited by the impact that can be made through sharing words with others. I couldn't see myself doing anything else.  And while it may not pay the bills it fulfills me on the inside.  And that, is where things seemed to get kind of muddled with our generation.

This going against traditional values of 9-5 and marriage and family still seems so confusing to most.  I feel that one thing that has been lost in all this is self fulfillment.  Just because society says one thing doesn't mean that it's necessarily right for you. If not addressed it seems like these sort of things can lead to anxiety and depression when if we could just take a second to ask ourselves what is it we really want then we could be much happier people.

So why is this movie 'We Are Your Friends' important in this fight to understanding Millennials? Right off the bat the scrolling words over a running Zac Efron seem to emulate the thoughts racing not just through his character's head but through the heads of a whole generation.; drowning is student loan debt, not sure where your life is going and not following social norms. So how do we as a generation begin to make ourselves understood...well I don't have an exact answer to that but for now I just think that if we continue to not give up and put work out there that is genuine and from the heart then we will eventually be heard as the rest of society cannot continue to ignore us us.



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