Say hello to the Confident, Cool, and Creative Kristina Zias!

Fashionista, talk show host and all around cool girl Kristina Zias first got on my radar for her interesting take on Men's Fashion. Being into Men's fashion myself I found it so cool to come across another woman out there who digs it as much as I do! We chat about how she got her start in fashion, why confidence plays a big part of rocking what you wear rather than the actual clothes and about going after what you want. Check it out!

So tell us a little about yourself.. how'd you get into fashion..etc...

I got into fashion at a very young age because of my mom. My sister and I were for sure the best dressed kids in the neighborhood. My mom would make a lot of our clothes and always made sure we knew how important it was to look nice and presentable. I don't think I have ever really seen my parents in sweats. I really got into fashion when I started working at Nordstrom during my freshman year of college. My love of clothing went beyond dressing nicely but as a salesperson there I was able to help others transform their style and it was so much fun.

What specifically about Men's fashion interest you?

Well to me there is nothing sexier than a well dressed man. Mostly it's how fashion can evoke confidence. I find when a man sees himself dressed nicely he carries himself in a different manner.

What are your top five favorite things to wear that you own?

-My Chloè peep toe black and tan booties. They go with everything, are comfortable and always look good!
-My Level 99 Tanya Highrise black jeans. Every time I wear them someone tells me I look like I lost weight. Haha!
-My Scala cowboy hat that I purchased on a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It's been my best souvenir yet. It gives every outfit that 'cool' factor.
-My AYR 'everywhere' top. Effortless chic.
-My Aldo men's red suede loaders. I just love them!

Who are some of your fashion inspirations?

Pheobe Philo- I love everything about the Céline woman.
John Varvatos- I really love his designer collection.

What advice would you give to women out there who have a bit of a tomboyish style to 'jazz up' their look and still feel cute and girly?

It's a bit of an oxymoron I think to have a tomboyish style but want to look cute. I think doing your hair and makeup, you can wear loafers but if your pair them with lipstick you look more feminine and lady like.

For my male readers, what are some cool looks in for dudes right now??

First off, if you are still wearing bootcut jeans or anything with a wide leg, don't. Right now I am all about slimmer looks on the bottom, oversized on the top. I love a good slim jean (BLK DNM has my fave) a slouchy tee from T by Alexander Wang and then badass boots. I love To Boot New York cognac wing tip boots.

Your After Buzz appearances are HILARIOUS! How did you get intohosting??

Thank you!! I love love love hosting. I wanted to be a news reporter since I was very young and then decided I wanted to talk about less serious topics with more personality. I started reporting for my college news program and haven't stopped since. Last week I got to interview designer Michael Costello-so exciting!

Lastly, what advice would you give to other young women out there who
would like to have a career like yours?

I started my fashion career working at a department store and although that's not a great fit for everyone I think it's really important to get to know the consumers. When you are on the floor you are seeing how clothing fits people, how people react to different styles and colors and that knowledge is powerful. Put yourself out there, you only get what you ask for.

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