Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kristin Bell could use Some Saving in New Film 'The Lifeguard'

In Kristen Bell's new film The Lifeguard her character Leigh quits her great job as a reporter in New York to come back to her hometown and save lives as the lifeguard at the community pool, when in reality she's really the one that needs the saving.

I think I'm so drawn to this film because I really relate and I don't think I'm the only almost thirty-something out there that feels like Bell's character. I mean, here I am a few years out of College and putting my writing and film degrees to use working at a gym. Don't get me wrong, I dig my my job and love fitness however, I'm still doing a lot of soul searching and figuring out how to do what I want to do in life (write for a living) and just figuring out how to grow up in general.

I think our generation, thrown out into this world after College with a failing economy were really forced to find our way and for some of us the economy wasn't even a factor.  Just having a career goal that is hard to obtain is an obstacle in itself.  With so many of us out there being lost and confused with which direction our lives are going in this film comes at a perfect time.  No wonder Sundance made it one of its official selections.  I'm looking forward to watching Bell navigate this difficult path laid before here and hopefully finds some answers for my own journey as well.

Pack Your Bags and Head to Nbc's 'Camp' for the Summer!

Summer is in full effect and while most of our favorite tv shows are on Summer vacation nbc has brought their newest show Camp to the rescue (floatation devices in tow) to keep us from drowning in an overabundance of Summer reruns.

So I know what you're thinking...there was Salute Your Shorts Rachel, do we really NEED any other camp show?  Will anything replace the beloved show of our childhood?? Well guys, in just a few short episodes Camp shown us that it certainly deserves a place in our hearts for igniting that nostalgia for being young and having fun.

Although the show has awesome inappropriate humor, it also has heart which is what really keeps you watching.  Camp airs wednesdays at 10 pm and you can also catch up on Hulu (there's only been two episodes so it's definitely worth it!). So grab your sunscreen and your swim trunks and  kick back with Camp!  Trust me it'll make you feel like a kid again, which, for some of us isn't too far of a stretch!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christian Bale is on Fire in 'Out of the Furnace; first look!

From director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) comes Out of the Furnace, a tale of Russel (Bale) who is out to get revenge after his brother, played by Casey Affleck goes missing.  Bale ends up in a conflict with the crime ring leader played by Woody Harrelson.  Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Columbiana) and Forest Whittaker round out this amazing cast. The film takes place in the rust belt town of Braddock which, if these photos are any indication is portrayed beautifully as a raw and gritty area.

Out of the Furnace hits theaters November 27th and I think this is one to look out for come Oscar season and to look forward to!

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Wish These Were Your Drinking Buddies?? Yeah, Me Too.

Yes, the dialog is whittier, the jokes are funnier and their best friends are WAY hotter than yours but this movie seems to get at the heart of relationship woes and the growing pains that one goes through entering thirties (leaving your twenties behind, finding the right partner to marry).

Olivia Wilde, Jake Johson (New Girl), Ron Livingston and Anna Kendrick make up this rag tag group of couples who are slowly finding that they're changing and growing a part.

What I really did is the story seems to be told from Wilde's perspective which isn't to common in these indie rom coms in which we tend to get the guys perspective (500 Days of Summer, Liberal Arts). Plus it's just nice to see Wilde in a leading role after her phenomenal work on House we really haven't had the chance to see her shine. Lastly, I just really dig the music in the trailer as well! So grab your friends, grab a beer and go see Drinking Buddies  in theaters August 25th!