Kristin Bell could use Some Saving in New Film 'The Lifeguard'

In Kristen Bell's new film The Lifeguard her character Leigh quits her great job as a reporter in New York to come back to her hometown and save lives as the lifeguard at the community pool, when in reality she's really the one that needs the saving.

I think I'm so drawn to this film because I really relate and I don't think I'm the only almost thirty-something out there that feels like Bell's character. I mean, here I am a few years out of College and putting my writing and film degrees to use working at a gym. Don't get me wrong, I dig my my job and love fitness however, I'm still doing a lot of soul searching and figuring out how to do what I want to do in life (write for a living) and just figuring out how to grow up in general.

I think our generation, thrown out into this world after College with a failing economy were really forced to find our way and for some of us the economy wasn't even a factor.  Just having a career goal that is hard to obtain is an obstacle in itself.  With so many of us out there being lost and confused with which direction our lives are going in this film comes at a perfect time.  No wonder Sundance made it one of its official selections.  I'm looking forward to watching Bell navigate this difficult path laid before here and hopefully finds some answers for my own journey as well.