Wish These Were Your Drinking Buddies?? Yeah, Me Too.

Yes, the dialog is whittier, the jokes are funnier and their best friends are WAY hotter than yours but this movie seems to get at the heart of relationship woes and the growing pains that one goes through entering thirties (leaving your twenties behind, finding the right partner to marry).

Olivia Wilde, Jake Johson (New Girl), Ron Livingston and Anna Kendrick make up this rag tag group of couples who are slowly finding that they're changing and growing a part.

What I really did is the story seems to be told from Wilde's perspective which isn't to common in these indie rom coms in which we tend to get the guys perspective (500 Days of Summer, Liberal Arts). Plus it's just nice to see Wilde in a leading role after her phenomenal work on House we really haven't had the chance to see her shine. Lastly, I just really dig the music in the trailer as well! So grab your friends, grab a beer and go see Drinking Buddies  in theaters August 25th!