Pack Your Bags and Head to Nbc's 'Camp' for the Summer!

Summer is in full effect and while most of our favorite tv shows are on Summer vacation nbc has brought their newest show Camp to the rescue (floatation devices in tow) to keep us from drowning in an overabundance of Summer reruns.

So I know what you're thinking...there was Salute Your Shorts Rachel, do we really NEED any other camp show?  Will anything replace the beloved show of our childhood?? Well guys, in just a few short episodes Camp shown us that it certainly deserves a place in our hearts for igniting that nostalgia for being young and having fun.

Although the show has awesome inappropriate humor, it also has heart which is what really keeps you watching.  Camp airs wednesdays at 10 pm and you can also catch up on Hulu (there's only been two episodes so it's definitely worth it!). So grab your sunscreen and your swim trunks and  kick back with Camp!  Trust me it'll make you feel like a kid again, which, for some of us isn't too far of a stretch!