The Greatest Sketch SHow You've Probably Never Seen...Ladies and Gentlemen, 'The Jeannie Tate Show'

So my early morning bus rides to work are made tolerable, dare I say, enjoyable due to the WTF Podcast hosted by Marc Maron. This Stand-up comic has a great voice and great guest. Most recently I was listening Marc's interview with Parks and Recreations Aubrey Plaza. When asked what advice she would give to up and coming stand ups or actors who want to be in her shoes Plaza put it simply and calmly "Say yes to everything."  Then preceded to talk about how she dragged herself out of bed on a Saturday to work on a skit being put together by Bill Hader and his wife over in Hoboken, NJ and how because of this sacrifice she made connections and contacts for life.

Now while on paper, the skit about a Soccer Mom who conducts interviews with celebs in her van while she runs errands may not sound that funny the Jeannie Tate Show is wonderfully funny with a great cast of quirky characters, and the special guest in this ep.?? RASHIDA JONES!!!!  Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to click on the 'WTF Podcast' link at the top of the post and check that out as well, YOU WON'T BE SORRY!

**Special thanks to my friend Adam Novak for the heads up about this great podcast!



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