Glee's 'Rumours' Episode Filled with Guitars, Tears and well, Rumors of Course!

Wow in what has to be one of the saddest episodes of Glee EVER this weeks' Rumours episode could make even the driest of eyes well up and flow like the freaken' Nile! Glee was not only sad but also surprising as we got a visit from guest start Kristen Chenowith who's always hilarious as well as a whole episode dedicated to Fleetwood Mac and their album 'Rumours'. In these last few episodes we've been seeing relationships on shaky ground and now things come to a head in this latest episode.

We start off Glee with a ridiculous web series hosted by the one and only Brittany S. Pierce called 'Fondue for Two'.  The entails her and guest chatting about the hot new gossip flying around the school.  She reveals on the show that Santana is lesbian very nonchalantly (that's an understatement!). In addition to that "rumor" it is also being spread around through the school newspaper which has been brought back by Sue not to restore integrity at Mckinley but rather hostility by creating rumors about Finn and Quinn as well as Mr. Shue.

The most shocking storyline of all is that Will considering leaving the High School in order to pursue a career on Broadway with his old classmate April Rhodes in her musical about her silly antics and the shenanigans of her life.  Although right away the situation gets addressed and Will emphasizes he's not leaving; but as the episode continues this certainty seems to fade. We've also got Brittany breaking up with Artie after he confronts her about her and Santana's relationship and calls her stupid.  As a response Brittany tells Santana that she will ask her out to Prom on her web series after Santana singes her a love song. However, Santana stands her up.  Finally we have Finn and Quinn going at each other's throats since supposedly she is cheating on him with Sam.  It turns out however that all these rumors about Sam and Quinn and Sam and Kurt (yes, Kurt) are because Sam is getting help from them since his Dad lost his job.

In the end the kids came together to support Sam in his time of need. In the end this episode addressed the classic message that rumors can really hurt people.  It really feels as though Ryan Murphy has really taken charge of these past two episodes and I have LOVED them both!  They feel darker than normal but still with some light at the end of the tunnel.  I give this episode a solid B and that's no rumor!
SO what do you guys think...will Santana come out before the Season's over?...Will Mr. Shue stay with the Glee Club?  I'm really stoked about these final episodes of Season 2 and hope you are too!

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