RBR Exclusive: Interview with Singer/Songwriter Tyler Ward!

Recently, I had the chance to do a Q&A with singer/songwriter Tyler Ward! The Denver based musician talked about everything form his start in music (Tyler use to be a pretty serious football player), to who inspires him and what he does when he's not playing music. Check out the interview here and check out Tyler's site for more music and news from the energetic singer with a pop/folk sound!

Reality by Rach: Was it hard to make a transition from football to music?

Tyler Ward:  It wasn't very hard because I had played music off and on (like in church) in the years leading up to college.

RBR: Favorite song(s) you've covered? 

TW:  I really love the Katy Perry songs, "Dynamite" was good, and a super secret video coming out soon with some special guests:)

Check out one of Tyler's (feat. Alex Goot and Alex G) Katy Perry Covers, 'Firework' here!

RBR: In your videos you play all sorts of instruments! How many instruments can you play?

TW: I can play guitar, bass and piano:)

RBR: What was your experience like playing your first BIG show (nerves, who were you on tour with, where was the show)? 

TW: MY first really big show was last December in Denver, cuz I was headlining with no openers, and we sold out! I wasn't nervous, but I was very excited! So excited to see all these cool people!

RBR: Can you take us through your process of songwriting?

TW: I usually start with a melody and work on lyrics...but there are those times where I have a good line of words in my head and build a song around it.

RBR: Artists out there who influence/inspire you?

TW: Goo Goo Dolls, Ryan Tedder, and pop music in general:)

RBR: What kind of things do you enjoy doing when not playing music?? 

TW: I'm always working! I love doing videos and pictures...I love producing other artists too:) I like working out, jogging, and watching TV!

RBR: Now, your Mom is musically inclined do you think that had a lot to do with you pursuing a career in music?

TW: Absolutely! She really forced to start playing music and now it's crazy to think where I am:)

RBR: Lastly, what advice would you give to other aspiring musicians out there?

TW: If you are serious about it, go after it with everything you have...cuz that's what it will take!
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