Lady Gaga 'Judas' Premiere

Gaga's video for her latest single "Judas" is finally upon us.  With crazy visuals and as always an interesting storyline Gaga always strives to outdo herself.  SO the big questions here is did she? I feel like 'Judas' is a video that has to be watched over na dover again to really appreciate. I will say it though, it was nice to see Lady Gaga take a step back from the spectacle and get back the performance aspect of her videos. Here's what some people are saying...

Visually stunning. Lady Gaga portrays the dichotomy of our inherernt sinful nature versus trying to live a better way. Loved the 12 apostles depicted as a motorcycle gang.  As a Christian, I see nothing in this video to be offended by.

WOW! this may even be better than paparazzi and thats a LOT! love her look, it's the best ever!!!

No need to risk your connection with god because of Lady Gaga, personally i think she's cool, she not afraid of showing what she means.
Now that you know what I think and what others think share your thoughts on 'Judas' in the comments below!

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