Mark Zuckerberg: The Man, The Myth.... the Action Figure?

Remember those days as a kid when you'd be all excited about a new toy hitting the stores?  Anything from Legos to Barbies, well those days are long gone my friends.  Welcome to a new world of toys; one that includes an action figure of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg!  There is nothing quite like being the head of a company worth billions of dollars and no better way to commemorate that then having your own action figure!

So who thought of this genius idea that I wanna "like" a thousand times?  MIC which stands for “Made in China” are the one's behind the action figure.  The company also created a Steve Jobs figure a while back and have now turned to Zuckerberg. What is their reasoning behind this you may ask?  Well the company believes this is,

 “next greatest action figure for tech nerds and really admired the man who is responsible for connecting over 500 million people across the world, helping Egypt’s protesters to spark an uprising and becoming the youngest billionaire and [Time] ‘Person of the Year.’”
 So will you guys be picking one up??

Source: Mashable



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