Glee Gets 'Sexy'... Kind of

I've been anticipating this weeks' episode of Glee for a while now,  knowing that Gwyneth Paltrow was returning my excitement grew even and even more so between the show not airing last week and when I heard that Chris Colfer and Darren Criss were performing "Animal" by The Neon Trees.  So was the Sexy episode of Glee worth the wait?

While there were some great moments, the episode as a whole wasn't quite what I was hoping for.  The song selection for the episode which revolved trying to teach the kids about sex ed were a little over the top which I feel was done in honor of Gwyneth's guest spot. Since we're on the subject, as much as I like her character and was pumped to hear of her return this time just felt different.  She had some great moments but the magic that was there in her first appearance was gone for me.

This episode, felt a lot like a filler episode to tide us over until Regionals.  A lot of things begin to unfold, like Emma still having feelings for Will, Santana telling Brittany that she's in love with her, and Quinn and Finn still hooking up (which by the way was the biggest shocker of the ep. for me!).  And as much as I get that the process  of a "filler" episode is needed it would be nice to have it done well.  I mean spruce it up a bit!  Throw in some "jazz hands" or something, this is Glee Club afterall!

Some of the turns that the show took left me a little baffled.  Santana coming out about her feelings for Brit was much more emotional and sadder than I expected.  Also, it feels like Quinn is being villainized as the shady girl hooking up with Finn behind everyone's back, to the point that it almost makes you feel bad for Rachel!  It's disappointing to see and hard to make such a likable character like Quinn such a bad guy.  If her purpose is to be the such a bad guy then why her whole journey from Queen be to lost puppy when she got pregnant??

SO if you're wondering if I've drank a big 'ol glass of HATERADE before this post that's certainly not the case!  On the other hand, I did like a lot a things about this episode.  I thought the Glee version of "Afternoon Delight" was awesome and comes in a close second to the performance done on Arrested Development.  And I ABSOLUTELY adored the "Landslide" performance by Gwyneth, Santana and Brittany.  Overall, I give this episode a C+ for some of it's extremely emotionally driven plot lines, Gwyneth's awesome guitar playing and for making me able to feel sympathetic for Ms. Rachel Berry!  What did you guys think??

I also found this cute footage of some of the Glee Guys at their photo shoot for Teen Vogue!



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