An Inside Look at Our 'Femme Fatale'

It is always exciting to hear the news that we are getting new music from the "Princess of Pop" but it's even BETTER when it's actually here! Britney Spears' seventh studio album Femme Fatale is jam packed with fun songs that you will most likely dance to drunkenly while out at the club.  The songs are so damn catchy and hard to resist, much like the Pop star herself.  Many of the reviews for 'Femme Fatale' sing it's praises as well.  Now, while I only really like a solid half of the albums songs; the songs I DO like are so fantastic that it makes the ones I don't like as much seem irrelevant. This album is definitely more spunky and raunchy than her previous Circus album and closely resembles Blackout and showcases that Brit's carer is loooong past the days of "Hit me Baby one More Time".  Be sure to check out the album and let me know what you guys think!

**My favorite tracks

-'Til the world ends'
-'Inside out'
-'Up n down'
-'He about to lose me'

More photos from the album and Brit's Thank-You's after the jump!

Source: OhNoTheyDIdn't

First off, i would like to thank God and my loving family for all their unconditional love. My amazing boyfriend, Jason, I love you and thank you for being a part of my life. My wonderful long time managers, Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber and everyone at ReignDeer Entertainment. Edan, thanks for keeping me safe. All my peeps at JIVE Records. Barry Weiss, you will be SO missed! All my great producer, specially Max Martin and Dr. Luke and everyone else who has helped with this album along the way, you all know who you are and that you are appreciated. A special thank you to Brett Miller, my assistant for letting me be the biggest pain in the ass. Professional thank yous go out to Ken Hertz, Seth Lichtenstein and Tom Hansen for making sure everything is legal and to Lou Taylor, Robin Greenhill and Tri Star for counting my pennies.I love you guys.

- Britney



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