Adrian Grenier Apologizes for lack of Tweets and Makes up for it by Telling us there will be an Entourage Season 8!

Adrian Grenier better known by his character Vincent Chase from the hit HBO show Entourage tweeted about one of the best things you can in under 140 characters yesterday!  The actor first off promised to be more attentive to his Tweeps and write more on his account.  But the best news was that he shared with us the reason for his lack of tweets has been due to his move back to LA for the filming of Season 8 of Entourage which will likely be the shows' last.  And although no details were revealed it's still nice to know that it is happening.

Adrian Grenier
Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been around but I moved back to LA 4 Entourage 8. I will be more attentive.

This is such a huge deal to have this confirmed since it was rumored for a while that this season wasn't even going to happen.  Season eight is suppose to be a short season consisting of only about eight or so episodes that will likely wrap up the epic events that took place over the course of last season.

Speaking of last season, it was one of my favorite seasons of the show yet.  While I like the first few seasons of the show a lot, my love began to fade around the fourth season.  The problem lied within the shows ability to present us with these really great and interesting story lines but then evade them completely and leave us unfulfilled.  So it was nice to see the show take a risk in its seventh season and present us with some really compelling plots and follow through for once!  It was brilliant and has me really excited to see what's next for Vinnie Chase and his Crew.  So what did you guys think of last season?  Did it warrant a follow up with Season eight??

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