'Clarissa Now' Pilot: I Guess She Never Explained it all the first tIme Around.

So this may just ruin that perfect image of what was most likely one of your favorite TV shows growing up, Clarissa Explains it All.  Well all remember Sam the bff that crawled through the window, Clarissa's quirky but lovable parents and her obnoxious brother FERGUSON.  But what you may not remember is Clarissa Now, probably because it never aired!  The pilot episode for the series that was suppose to follow Clarissa to the "Big Apple" as she pursued a career in journalism never hit the air.  I thought the pilot was pretty neat and definitely would have watched if it had been on Nickelodeon at the time, so I don't know what happened.  The only downside to watching is that now I can't get that damn theme song out of my head, "Na, na, na, na na na...".  Check out the pilot here!

Source: Reddit



  1. I actually saw the Clarissa Now pilot on Nick years ago. It was pretty bland, especially compared to how clever the original show was.

    The AV Club had a terrific feature on Clarissa last week: