Scott Herman: Turning a Negative into a Positive!

Over the weekend I attended the Arnold Classic Fitness EXPO in Columbus, Ohio.  There was everything from MMA to weight lifting competitions and of course TONS of body builders!  There were well over a hundred venders and booths there consisting of everything from a small model GNC store to a Sauna booth!  Now, while the whole event was a lot of fun and full of great supplements and great fitness advice, the highlight of the trip was having an opportunity to chat with Scott Herman, a former member of The Real World (back to Brooklyn) cast.  Since The Real World, Scott has started his own fitness group called Scott Herman Fitness where he continually encourages his followers (a.k.a. "Hermanites") to reach their fitness goals.  After working a ridiculously long day at the Train Like a Freak booth (TLF) Scott was nice enough to give me some of his time so that we could talk about SHF and share all of the cool things that he is doing with you guys!  I hope you enjoy the interview and are encouraged to follow Scott's wonderful example not just in fitness but in life.  Enjoy!

**Special thanks to Scott and my AWESOME camera guy Josh for their help with my first EVER RBR interview!

Check out more pics and how to enter a contest to win a signed pic from Scott as well as an SHF t-shirt after the jump!

Calling all Hermanites out there! It was awesome meeting someone who has motivated me to get into fitness and just live a happier life!  Since I had an opportunity like that I wanted to do something special for one lucky Hermanite out there. Tell me how Scott has aided you in reaching your fitness goals or on the path to reach them.  Be specific.  Let me know about certain exercises and videos of Scott's that you do.  Leave your response in the comment section below with a valid e-mail address. If you don't want to leave an e-mail address or the comments section of the blog isn't working then feel free to e-mail entries to with SHF Contest in the subject line.  At the end of the month I will pick one winner to receive a signed picture of from Mr. Herman himself as well as an SHF t-shirt!  So give me some great answers guys!  I'm excited!

**U.S. residents only

Thanks for entering guys!!!!



  1. To bad it is only u.s.
    I am living in holland
    And thanx to scott i know how do perfect reps.
    In november i was 120 kilo and 36 % fat
    Now i am 95 kilo and 19% body fat.
    I am 176 cm and 24 years old.
    I allways liked bodybuilding.
    And now i am trying to get to my goal.

    Thanx scott.
    Mr. Elements (twitter)

  2. Ohh i relly wanted to win it.... I'm from Denmark :(
    But anyway, you have been a GREAT inspiration! Thanks for all your cool videos!
    I'm 15 years old, and you're my biggest idol! I wanna be like you when i grow up!

    Greets Rasmus!

  3. Awe guys I feel SO bad! I just wanna thank-you both for the support! I'm glad you guys think Scott is as awesome as I do! :-) As soon as my blog gets a big following I can get some advertisers on here and make more money from the site so that I can ship overseas! So stay tuned and spread the word about RBR please! :-)

  4. Hello fellow Hermanite!! I discovered the glory that is SHF in December of 2010, at the time I had already lost around 100 lbs doing my own diet routine; after seeing just how detailed and helpful Scott's Youtube videos were (and FREE!!!) I decided it was time to get the body that I dreamed of. Due to the weight loss I has loose skin and fat that made shirts fit awkwardly, as well as making me appear larger than I was; after a few posts on the SHF facebook page, and some amazingly helpful replies from Scott himself, and other Hermanites, I was well on my way to achieving my summer goal of a low body fat %, with emphasis on six-pack abs. I was able to learn how to change my bad eating habits (yes, even with 100 lb weight loss, it is still possible to have bad eating habits) and of course I gained knowledge of exercises I could never even imagine. When it comes to specific videos that I have used/use to achieve my goal, the most enjoyable to me are, Porn star butt and hollywood thighs routine, Blood-blasting Biceps routine, Scott's tips and tricks on injuries, Scott's video running on a treadmill for 4 minutes at max speed pops into my head for cardiovascular inspiration. I am currently only 3 months into my SHF transformation, however, I have already lost about 10 lbs of fat, and have made gains on all my muscle groups in terms of weight lifted. Achieving a goal like mine requires time and dedication, the time is something that I have plenty of, I also have plenty of dedication to achieve my goals, however, it is those off-days when I would rather relax than hit the gym that I owe many thanks to SHF for giving me inspiration and motivation to take my training to the next level. SHF for life, I am addicted lol.
    shirt size: Medium

  5. Hey Sean! If you're checking the site comments on this post check your e-mail! :-)