Charlie Mars Rocks my Socks and He'll Rock Yours too!

I was listening to this really awesome Livestream concert that was set up and featured artist like Hanson and The Boxer Rebellion which the concept only was awesome enough to keep my attention.  And then, Charlie Mars came on to perform and it got even BETTER.  First of all, let's talk about his name for a second how bad ass is that?  And if that isn't cool enough he got Mary Louise-Parker (Weeds) to be in the debut single "Listen to the Darkside" which is off of his fifth album, Like a Bird, Like a Plane.  I really dig this Mississippi singer/songwriter and I think you will too!  Enjoy!  And also check out the Livestream benefit for Japan!  Great cause, great concert.

Live Version of 'Darkside'

Really cool video for his song "Meet me by the Backdoor"



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