Swedish Director Slams American Version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

So it seems as though that not everyone is excited about the american version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Recently, Swedish director Niels Arden had a few things to say about David Fincher's remake featuring Rooney Mara.  Arden recently told Word and Film,
"the Sony PR machine" is brushing aside Noomi Rapace's portrayal of hacker Lisbeth Salander in an effort to make Rooney Mara - who has the part in David Fincher's remake - the definitive actress in the role.
That's highly unfair because Noomi has captured this part and it should always be all her. That’s her legacy in a way I can't see anyone competing."
Now I've read the book and watched the Swedish version and thought that Noomi was incredible.  However, that's not to say that Rooney isn't up to the challenge.  Although it was for brief moments I really enjoyed Mara's banter with Jesse Eisenberg in Fincher's The Social Network this Fall.  One also can't deny the fact that Hollywood tends to bleed things dry so it's no surprise that this remake is being done at the height of the Swedish versions success with it's books and films.

There is definitely a part of me that agrees with Arden's statement; However, in the interview he continues on about the subject and just sounds plain arrogant when he proceeds to say,

"I hope she gets nominated for an Oscar. I know a lot of Academy members have seen the film and liked it because every time I go to LA I meet so many people who have seen my version of it."
Wow, now that's just condescending my friend.  What do you guys think about Arden's harsh words about the upcoming remake of the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo?

Noomi vs. Rooney

Source: HeraldSun



  1. This is why I don't support swedish cinema. Okay, your version of the film was good. Congrats, you directed a movie based off a novel. Teach a monkey how to operate a camera and give him an already made screenplay and script, i'm sure he can do the same thing. The only person who has the right to complain about the portrayal of characters in a movie is the author of the book. I don't understand why Arden feels so superior. He had a vision for the movie and the american director has a different one. Let the movie goers decide who's is better.

    Mike O'Brien

  2. The Swedish Dragon Tattoo film was very good, but he shouldn't act like Hollywood is trying to remake the Godfather with Zack Efron as the Don.

  3. I have to say I agree guys! On the one hand it's great to take pride in your work but in this case he seems to be overreacting.