Another New Guy on Glee??! Introducing Darren Criss

A while back many of us were under the assumption that the new addition McKinley High's Glee Club  Sam (Chord Overstreet) was  going to end up being Kurts love interest this season.  Well creator ryan Murphy certainly threw us a curveball. Surprise!  Glee may have another member added to it's cast in the form of Prep Schooler Blaine (Darren Criss).  In the latest episode "Never Been Kissed" Blaine and Kurt meet when Kurt gets caught spying on Blaine's Prep Schools Glee club who is their competition in the upcoming Glee Club Sectionals.  However, Kurt epically fails in his spy role and the two chat it up.  And it turns out what they end up talking about is being gay.  Blaine originally ended up at the Prep school in order to escape prejudice at his former school.  The twosomes relationship is slowly growing and it'll be interesting to see if it goes anywhere.  Which very well could be the case since it's all being reported that the producers of the show may want his character to return on a regular basis.    By the way, what did you guys think of Darren's performance of "Teenage Dream" and the episode in general?  Are you all still aboard the Glee Train or is your stop approaching??

Source: Zap2it



  1. Chord Overstreet is the dumbest name of all time. Also it felt pretty inauthentic that Kurt found a magical school with a handsome openly gay dude and a bunch of other friendly people in which intolerance doesn't exist. And we're supposed to feel bad students were using the ugly coach as boner prevention after the show spends the first 45 minutes mocking her for being a mannish ogre in a ballet uniform? I need Denzel to rescue me from this train.