The Triumphant Return of Conan!

Team Coco members were glued to their televisions last night for the 11 pm return of Conan O'Brien on TBS.  For those of you who by chance missed this epic event, Conan's first guests were the super funny Seth Rogen and Lea Michele from Glee.  The new set is quite simple, consisting of two chairs, the stage, Conan's desk and a huge moon back drop that looks straight out of a high school theater production.  However, I think this serves the purpose of the show really well by  presenting no distractions from our entertainment which is the reason we watch anyway.  I personally thought Conan's return to late night was fantastic and look forward to more.  He's a perfect example of someone who turned a shitty situation into something great!  What did you guys think of the first episode?  Also check out the opening sketch here to help make up your mind if you didn't catch Conan's return!

Interviews with Seth and Lea after the jump!

Seth Rogen on Conan

Lea Michele on Conan



  1. While there was nothing mind blowing about the comedy or sketches, it was nice to see Conan on. His chemistry with Andy was back where it was in the late 90s, and his monologue (usually Conan's weakest part of the show) was very sharp. I also thought he did a great job interviewing by just letting the guests be funny; none of it felt forced. Now Conan should take advantage of being on cable and really experiment with the medium.