Zac is back!

So who isn't talking about Zac Efron right now?  His movie Charlie St. Cloud was just released and has gotten fairly good reviews, he's still dating Vanessa Hudgins and well...he's just so darn adorable!  HOwever I'm not here to gush about Zac. although I could probably do so all day.  I actually found his photo shoot and article for the upcoming issue of Details pretty interesting.  Now here's someone really trying to shake to Micky Mouse image.  I don't necessarily thinks it's one of those scenario's where Zac is trying too hard to do.  It's a gradual change that has been happening over the past year or so.  The pictures and the article seem to show a more rugged and any Efron as opposed to one that dances and sings and wears...mascara.  I think that while he may not have fully developed and honed his acting chops that this guy still a lot of talent!  He is a great entertainer who hopefully has some staying power.  Check out the photo shoot and see if you dig Zac's new style.

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Also for those of you who've ever wanted to see behind the scenes of a shoot check out this video!