The Romantics: Another rom-com or worth seeing?

Anna Paquin back on the big screen, with Katie Holmes and Elijah Wood?  Seems like a strange combination but one that seems to come together nicely in The Romantics  a filmed based on the book by Galt Niederhoffer who also adapted the screenplay and will be directed the film.  Despite that fact that this scenario (someone is getting married but in love with someone else)  is your typical rom-com kind of movie it has a different feel to it.  It looks of Nicholas Sparks but feels more real and grounded than the fairytale worlds that Sparks tends to paint. Seeing Duhamel in a role where he doesn't have to play a complete tool is nice as well, especially since some acting chops lie beneath that pretty boy facade.  Another thing that sets this film apart is the involvement of the creator.  Whenever the creator is the one behind the project there is never any discrepancy in what they have in there novel and what they want to be portrayed on screen.  Originally Liv Tyler was set to play Laura rather than Katie Holmes but was later replaced.  In addition to acting in the film Holmes is a producer on the project.  Besides these big names the cast is rounded out by up and comer Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) from Glee.  Check out photos and the trailer here!

Check out the trailer here:



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