Reality vs. Nostalgia...what shows from our younger years stand the test of time

So after recently watching Dawson's Creek for the first time since it originally aired I began wondering if the show was as great as I remembered (all that teen angst and "real" issues) they dealt with...does it still hold up or am I just nostalgic for a time in my life long gone?  A time when I wore Aeropostale and listened to 5ive.  And it got me thinking, what shows from our childhood and teen years really stand the test of time and here are some conclusions that I've come to.

Hey Arnold

Now that there are officially no good saturday morning cartoons I am always looking for something to watch over a bowl of Trix so I found Hey Arnold recently on Netflix and have not been disappointed!  The characters and there relationships are extraordinary.  Arnold and his adventures with his eccentric grandparents and his best bud Gerald as well as his ongoing love/hate relationship with Helga Patacki are so entertaining to watch that is makes you wonder what happened to simple concepts for cartoons and how did it turn into overdone 3D monsters.

Rocko's Modern Life

Unless you are drunk or under the influence of something there is no way you could enjoy this show!  Sorry Rocko, you may rock some sweet kicks but the concept of your show and your adventures are just too bizzarre.  I couldn't get past the first episode and I pretty much watch anything (ex.JohnTucker Must Die).  The show makes ABSOLUTELY no sense.

Pete and Pete

I adore this show!  The relationship between the Pete's is one that truly holds up over time.  They are so great together.  Their mishaps and the endeavors that they embark on, although strange, works.  The relationship that they have with there family is also very relatable.  And who can forget Arty?!  By far one of the best characters on tv in a long time.

As for Dawson's Creek, the verdict is still out.  Although I will say, even though I loved Dawson the first go around of the show,  that Pacey Whitter sure is charming.



  1. What a great idea! I've often wondered about this; and I'm glad that "Hey Arnold!" and "Pete and Pete" stood the test. I wonder how "Clarissa Explains it All" and "Hey Dude!" would measure up. Future blog post?