Drake's album FINALLY drops...so should we thank him?

The wait is over folks...Drake's long awaited album Thank Me Later has dropped.  Now, I know it seems as though this 23 year old kid has been around the block and already released an album due to his heavy rotation on top 40 stations; The truth is, everything we've heard from Drake before this was from a mix tape not an official album.  Thank Me Later, is a mix of smooth beats and is a blending of rap and r&b so there's stuff to hype you up as well and mellow you out. Although, the sound is great it was not quite what I was expecting.  I think the anticipation of this cd was its downfall.  Since Drake is a rapper I figured the album would have more...rap songs.  My question however is, does Drake deserve a thank-you for bringing us his first studio album?  I'll let you answer that.
Here's some selections I've made that I thought were the best off the album:


The Resistance

Find Your Love

And maybe his best song yet, "Tweet, Tweet" w/ Jimmy Kimmel



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