My Summer movie picks (There may be a reason to go to the movies this Summer afterall)

So far the box office Summer season has started out as a bust rather than a blast. They're have been some alright movies (Iron Man 2... MacGruber), but everything seems to just be falling short thus far. However, after further review, I have come across some movies that just may make you want to pay that outrageous ticket price ($10 a ticket!) again. So, check out the movies that are inticing back into the air conditioned theater on the hot and balmy city days. Hopefully they will encourage you to head back to the movies as well.

First up, Inception release date: July 16th with director Chris Nolan of the new Batman movies and starring Leo DiCaprio and the return of Ellen Page to the big screen.

Next up, Beastly, a real life portrayal of Beauty and the Beast, starring up and comer Alex Pettyfer with Vanessa Hudgens and a surprising appearance from the one and only NPH (if you don't know who that is just stop reading!) release date: July 30th

And finally, Eat, Pray, Love I am confident Julia Roberts performance won't dissapoint in this true events story that will hopefully be deemed Erin Brockovich worthy. Release date: August 13th



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